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Unlock the Best PC Deals with CanItGame: The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Your Gaming Purchase

We’ve all been there before. Whether it be because the personal PC has had water spilt on it, the daily laptop has been stolen, the family desktop won’t play the kid’s fastest games, or the ancient computer you’ve had since TVs were boxes has simply become too slow to boot up – it’s time to buy a new computer. It’s a daunting task for anybody unacclimatised to the market, and one that is often plagued with post-purchase perplexion.

In this situation, there are many tools when it comes to evaluating PC performance online, with the majority of such sites being so familiar to industry professionals that they’re second nature to search up. However, the issue with many of these sites is their age. Outdated, clunky and ugly, many buyers resort to blog posts, industry reviews and convoluted YouTube videos to attempt to gather an understanding of whether a certain computer is right for you, which, regardless of effort, typically results in a sub-par understanding of exactly what a computer is capable of. 

It’s a difficult task as well – while computers are generally made out of fewer parts than most people expect, there are still many factors at play such as compatibility, bottlenecks, model age, performance level; the list could go on. The main components – the CPU, GPU, memory and disk – have the biggest effect on whether or not a computer is capable, and when the combined time needed to research each competent is summated, the time spent researching each component can pile on quickly. 

Luckily, a new hidden gem is available for those looking to buy a new PC whilst avoiding being overcharged. What if you could navigate the PC market in just a few clicks, by entering the title of a PC listing, and having it broken down before your very eyes? I’m running the risk of stating the obvious, but it’s important to try note that a computer is only as powerful as the components it is made up of. If one knows the components a PC is made up of, then it is easy to figure out its capabilities.

That’s where “Can It Game” has your back. All it takes is a few clicks to see the exact capabilities of a computer, with simple scorings against each relevant component, and detailed descriptions available for those who want to learn more. Currently compatible with eBay, where Gaming PCs are available for less than £300, you’ll know when a deal is too good to be true, as it so often is. 

Based on the components we find, we can give the PC an overall score for whether or not it is well suited for gaming, whilst also providing estimates on the frames per second you are likely to receive in some of the most popular games. This system is guaranteed to inform you in much more rapid and reliable ways than the bias-ridden sponsored reviews that plague the internet for every component recently made.

Can It Game isn’t just for the computer newcomers though. When searching for PCs, Can It Game is able to provide you with the price of each component found within the machine, allowing you to estimate how much you could build the PC for yourself, and whether or not the price you’re being offered is worthwhile the up-marked “building fee” that all pre-built PCs come with. 

It also runs daily articles concerning the discounted prices certain components are being sold for, with 3 deals per piece. That’s 21 deals a week, available right at your fingertips. Checking up on the site’s article page frequently is sure to bag you some great deals, especially since they track discounts based on the median price of each component, instead of the listed “sale price” on the site where the discount was discovered. 

With all these helpful features in mind, there’s really no excuse to buy a PC that doesn’t meet your needs. Fast, reliable, and easy to use, CanItGame has got your back when navigating the PC market while avoiding devious sellers who should know better.

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