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Unlock a Multitude of Benefits by Becoming a Bestselling Author

Becoming a bestselling author can likely open many doors for you to earn media coverage and land high-paying gigs and clients. This is probably why every author dreams of becoming a bestselling author. However, not everyone can attain such a status. Why? Because you need readers who want to buy your book more than all the other books in order to become a bestselling author and have your name on a list.

Benefits of having a bestselling book

By becoming a best-selling author, you can not only earn money through a consistent passive income stream but might also land a speaking engagement that bodes well for your future books. In addition to building your own unique brand, you can also partner with local groups and preach your message, which can help you get exposure for your later writing projects and set it up for success.

So the question is: How to get on Wall Street Journal bestseller list

Write an amazing book that people want to read.

Once you’ve decided on the topic for your book, it’s time to outline your book and mark sure how you are going to plan your narrative. While it might take time to complete the book, your end goal is simple – write a book that people might find useful, fun, and entertaining. It doesn’t matter if you’re into writing fiction; you can always teach something to your readers that stick in their minds for a long, long time.

Build an author platform 

An author platform is a platform for your audience. It tells them that you exist and you’re writing books for them to read. This can be done by boosting your social media presence, creating an author website, and marketing yourself as an author with quite a regularity. It is also a good idea to get some great Amazon reviews prior to promoting your book on leading outlets such as USA Today. 

Decide whether you want to self-publish or go with traditional publishers. 

Of course, both methods have their own pros and cons. But if you want to avoid committing to a couple of years of basically waiting and instead become a New York Times bestselling author, it’s best to pursue the traditional publishing path. Achieving something special such as your bestselling author status is a specialist job that needs a specialist hand. 

Market your book

Remember, since only USA sales will be counted when figuring out your bestselling author status, you need to distribute your books through leading US-based channels such as Amazon and B&N. You can also use PPC ads on Facebook and Amazon to drive sales. Google “ebook promotion sites” can also be an option if you’re ready to spend some money beforehand before you start getting those rosier returns. And yes, email lists and promoting your deals to your social media followers are a must.

Create a solid launch plan

Start by creating a launch team which generally consists of people dedicated to helping you launch your book. They can read it, review it and share their feedback on your book. Get as many reviews and feedback from your launch team as you can. You can also hoist a soft launch and make sure that you have got your launch strategy right. You can also reach out to book promotion sites and ensure that your book is priced for maximum sales. 

Become a bestselling author

Besides the right marketing, the best launch team, and great content, the only thing you need to become a best-selling author is patience. Remember, you can’t just become a best-selling author overnight. Like everything else in life, it will take time to catch your book on fire. So, keep doing all the right- marketing your book and engaging with your readers, and you will find that you’ll reach that bestselling author status sooner than you might anticipate. 


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