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Unleashing the Power of CX in Gaming with Jonathan Shroyer

In the fiercely competitive and rapidly evolving gaming industry, delivering exceptional customer experiences (CX) has become paramount to success. Jonathan Shroyer, Chief CX Officer at Arise Gaming, emphasizes the crucial role that CX plays in shaping the gaming landscape. Drawing inspiration from his earliest gaming memories of Mario Bros, Jonathan highlights the enduring impact of a well-implemented CX strategy. In this article, we delve into Jonathan’s insights on why CX should be a top priority for gaming companies and how it can drive player retention, acquisition, and brand reputation.

The Power of CX from Inception to Market Rollout:

According to Jonathan Shroyer, CX must be ingrained in every aspect of a game’s lifecycle, starting from its inception, design, and development all the way to its market rollout. By prioritizing CX, gaming companies can create an immersive and engaging environment that captures players’ attention and keeps them coming back for more. Jonathan asserts that building a community of passionate superfans who evangelize the game is the key to standing out in a saturated market.

Achieving Positive CX:

To achieve a positive CX, Jonathan emphasizes the importance of investing in novel technologies that enhance gameplay and provide innovative features. Thorough game testing and the presence of dedicated Quality Control agents are vital in ensuring that customer feedback is promptly addressed and incorporated into future updates. Jonathan believes that the fusion of impressive design and captivating storytelling can create an unforgettable gaming experience that resonates with players on a deeper level.

The Impact of CX on Player Retention and Acquisition:

A strong focus on CX not only fosters player retention but also attracts new players to join the gaming community. Jonathan underscores the value of creating an environment where players feel heard, valued, and engaged. By delivering exceptional CX, gaming companies can establish long-lasting relationships with their player base, driving monetization and establishing a positive brand reputation that sets them apart from the competition.

At Arise Gaming, Jonathan and his team provides a set of services for gaming studios for every stage of their development cycle. The intention behind this service is to drive success, engagement, and improve the overall gameplay. Arise brings a wide range of support that includes game testing, global gig-PX, consulting, player support, and community moderation.


Jonathan Shroyer’s insights highlight the essential role of CX in the gaming industry. As the industry continues to evolve and players’ expectations rise, prioritizing CX is no longer optional but a necessity for success. By investing in technology, incorporating player feedback, and creating memorable experiences, gaming companies can cultivate a loyal player base and elevate their brand in a highly competitive market. As Jonathan aptly states, “Good CX can make or break a game’s success. It is crucial to prioritize CX and create superfans who will keep coming back for more.”

Read more about Jonathan Shroyer and how he is empowering gaming studios with CX in Exeleon Magazine’s latest Cover Story in its inaugural Leaders in Gaming issue.

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