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Unleashing Real Estate Investors’ Long-Term Success: Tyler Austin, CEO of REISift, Redefines Lead Management and Marketing Strategies

Tyler Austin

Tyler M. Austin, CEO of REISift Creating Long-Term Success For Real Estate Investors With his Unique Approach to Lead Management

In recent times, surveys have found that over half of all businesses report that they struggle with lead generation – 68% to be exact.

A negligence to maintain strong lead management and marketing is one of the leading factors to business failure, as without a constant flow of useful leads, businesses can quickly find themselves without work.

REISift CEO Tyler Austin has come forward with a new and unique method of approaching lead management and marketing – and with so many businesses failing to manage their leads properly, it can be no surprise that investors are turning to Tyler’s methods for guidance.

One of the most difficult parts of becoming a successful Real Estate Investor is lead management.

So many leads are thrown away by investors who fail to notice the value in them. Because of this, the lead conversion percentage for realtors in recent years is about 2%.

REISift dedicates their entire software training to solving this problem by providing specific tactics and strategies to convert more leads into prospects through their unmatched education and support that eventually allows investors to manage leadflow on their own. With this, many have been able to achieve higher conversion rates.

Tyler explains that “At REISift education is key, but without our unique tool and its capabilities then the education doesn’t matter. Our focus is on educating users how to generate consistent deals long term, and that requires a person that’s dedicated to building a real business.”

More and more investors are losing patience with ‘the same old’ practices because they are not sustainable; lists can often cost huge sums, but more importantly take lots of investors’ time with not enough results, leading many to feel discouraged.

Regrettably, insufficient coaching often forces individuals to rely on amateur methods when managing their leads, leading to detrimental effects on lead outcomes.

As Tyler Austin puts it, “you need to have clarity on what’s producing results in your business”.

“At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how good your sales are, if you don’t understand the core fundamentals of lead generation and marketing.”

“Lead management and sales are easy – all it takes is consistency in making offers and talking to sellers once you generate a lead. But for long-term success, you need to have clarity on what’s producing results in your business”.”

Investors commonly struggle with the fact that many lead softwares are not what they claim to be; lots of mistrust and angst is frequent when choosing the right software, or the correct expert to follow. That is what is so interesting about REISift – they aren’t a ‘Jack of All Trades’, but rather focus on exactly what they say they do (converting leads into prospects with a unique tool and direct coaching/support).

Unleashing Real Estate Investors’ Potential: Tyler Austin’s REISift and its Revolutionary Skill Development

REISift, specialises in helping real estate investors organise, clean, and market to their data.

Using this powerful combination, they have quickly established themselves as a successful and reliable module for real estate investors seeking to master lead management.

REISift is challenging the conventional models of lead management and marketing by placing a closer emphasis on coaching, philosophy and support to teach users the fundamentals of data management.

“We focus strongly on building more than just a software product for real estate. We’re creating a safe haven where people can ask questions and receive honest responses. Everybody in the community is out there, helping each other to build businesses and grow as a whole. That’s what makes us really unique”.

In order to consolidate this ethos amongst their customers, REISift offers lead management training within their $1,700 annual community membership price – a service that other companies are charging upwards of $7,000 per year.

Tyler acknowledges that “a lot of my competitors offer coaching and advice from experts”, but has found that “these are basically giving the community one-off’s” from different experts everytime.

“At REISift, we are the experts that you continuously work with through your entire journey”.

By focusing on the quality of training rather than the quantity of leads, Investors can gain the knowledge to build long term success.

One of the most influential points of REISift training is their focus on the value of building long-term data consistency and addressing new problems if and when they arise in the real estate industry, rather than burning through expensive lead lists.

“Instead of buying a massive list of 10,000 homeowners every month, real estate investors can focus on the people who are having problems on a weekly basis, such as those who became tax delinquent this week. Many people aren’t thinking about these problems and because of that they are missing opportunities where they can deliver with precision and value”

By marketing to existing records using REISift’s lead generation tactics (like direct mail, social media advertising and skip tracing), real estate investors can generate leads through innovative marketing strategies, and then manage those leads to convert into revenue. 

And, with proper coaching and training, they can use REISift’s methods of grouping the data to prevent waste and improve their data management techniques, such as the ‘Go N’ Go’ methodology. For more information on this, check out their upcoming August summit on unlocking the secrets to Real Estate Success.

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