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Since the 1970s, University of Phoenix has approached higher education differently with a commitment to providing adults with learning options while managing the needs of their families and careers. Today, the University continues to support this goal with flexible online programming. Many of the student and alumni reviews for University of Phoenix show just how high the quality of the education is for those who attend.

Experienced Peers and Instructors Stand Out

When you attend college, you learn both from your teachers and the students attending class with you. Many reviewers commented on the real-world experience they found among both peers and professionals at University of Phoenix. Clinton W. said his education was “absolutely worthwhile” and further explained, “My experience as a ‘Phoenix’ was challenging, yet rewarding. I learned not only from the instructors and the material, but also from the classmates, who for the most part have many years of experience in the business world.”

Brian D. underscored this sentiment in his review, “The University provides an excellent education with instructors that have real-world experience.” Yessenia H. indicated this improved the quality of instruction: “The instructors’ capability of providing real world examples based on experiences…is meaningful and valuable.”

Academically Rigorous Yet Attainable

Based on the reviews, University of Phoenix seems to strike the needed balance between being academically rigorous and attainable. The instructors are professionals in their fields, and they bring real-world experience to the virtual classroom. Yet they also provide flexibility through self-directed learning opportunities, which makes the coursework easier on busy adults.

Heather D. summed it up this way: “I loved the academic rigor and course design.” Another reviewer, Suzanne P., indicated that the program was “very workable for working adults. Can be challenging but doable.”

Reviewer Tammy said, “The instructors were understanding, challenging, but fair,” while Cheryl J. indicated, “Each course has been challenging but worth it all.”

Students who reviewed and graduated from University of Phoenix indicated that their education challenged and pushed them, but they were not overwhelmed with the amount of work it took to earn their achievement.

Opening the Door to New Career Opportunities

There are many reasons that adult learners choose to go back to school. For many, it is the desire to open the door to new career opportunities. Attaining a new degree or completing graduate school can take your career to the next level, according to some University of Phoenix reviewers.

Razia D. found that earning a master’s through University of Phoenix helped with achieving career goals: “I have been an assistant nurse manager for a few years, and I decided my nursing goal will be an RN manager. I started thinking about the master’s program. Once I knew that the master’s program would advance my nursing career, I knew right away I would be attending University of Phoenix.”

Hussam A. found that additional training helped his business career: “The MBA course had a profound impact on my career and certainly made me a better manager.”

Education for Adult Learners of All Ages

The flexibility of the online degree programs at University of Phoenix makes education more attainable to learners of all ages and ability levels. Susie K. had this to say: “I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience. I never thought I’d be continuing my education at age 55 and am so grateful for this opportunity!” Yet the program works for younger adults as well. Sarah R., a mom with three kids, said she needed flexibility. “University of Phoenix has been all that and much more. I don’t have to log in at certain times or days. My experience thus far has been absolutely great!”

Jaime S. indicated the program works well for working parents. “Through their amazing program, I was able to obtain my bachelor’s and master’s degrees while working full time and raising three kids.”

With a high level of flexibility and career advancement, University of Phoenix continues to get excellent reviews from many of its students. If you are looking to go back to school, this program could give you the foundation to get started.

About University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix has been dedicated to the needs of adult learners since its inception. The University provides a high level of flexibility for its students and a wide range of financial aid options. Whether you are looking to start a new program or finish your degree, you can consult with a University of Phoenix academic advisor to learn about the options that could work best for you. 

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