Universimm: The Startup Targeting 1.4 billion iPhone users


If you’ve ever found yourself frustrated with what traditional social media platforms have turned into, you’re not alone. The good old days where we had total control over our content and could connect with like-minded people now seem like a distant memory. Today, misinformation, surveillance, and irrelevant advertisements have become the order of the day, leaving users disillusioned and disconnected. 

The founder of Universimm realized the need for a social network that goes beyond the surface and decided to build a social network that truly prioritizes user interest. Universimm is changing the game by putting control back in the hands of social media users. 

What is Universimm?

Universimm is a unique social networking platform designed to empower users by delivering an unparalleled experience. This platform is built on 3 different channels – interests, topics, and countries – allowing users to make meaningful connections. On the other hand, this unique business model also makes it easier for advertisers to target their ads without the need for surveillance.

Meet Universimm founder, Ryan Hamilton

Universimm is the 4th project from Ryan Hamilton – a brilliant entrepreneur with an impressive track record. He’s already founded 3 successful startups in South America and owns the world’s top adventure travel business, with over 188 destinations. Ryan’s experience in the business world shines through in every aspect of Universimm. 

The inspiration behind Universimm

“Being on social media becomes a waste of time when you’re wading through lots of misinformation, disinformation, and content from people who you can’t relate with,” says Ryan. “I got tired of wasting time on social media, so I built one for you.”

Social media users have become increasingly concerned over how traditional social networks work in the last few years. These platforms are flooded by misinformation, there is lack of user control, the algorithms have become inaccurate, and irrelevant ads are a daily annoyance. 

Users no longer have as much freedom to build meaningful connections. To make things worse, their every move is under surveillance and – despite this surveillance – advertisers have a hard time targeting their ads effectively. This is the exact definition of a lose-lose situation.

Universimm is a breath of fresh air in the traditional landscape of social media. By allowing users to post directly to countries, Universimm can target 1.4 billion iPhone users unaffected by Apple’s app tracking feature. At Universimm, users are not at the mercy of an inaccurate algorithm. Instead, Universimm users build the algorithm, with total control over their content. With an intelligent filtering system, Universimm ensures that user content is meticulously curated and only relevant content is served to users. 

Advertiser benefits at Universimm

Universimm’s unique business model makes it the ideal platform not only for the everyday social media user but also for advertisers. Businesses can now target their audience more effectively and make a real impact with their advertisements. 

What sets Universimm apart

In addition to being the first social network that is truly user-focused, Universimm is the first social network to offer the “countries” feature. Unlike traditional social media networks that rely on surveillance to predict user movements and serve ads, Universimm allows users to post to any country they desire. This gives users and advertisers alike unparalleled freedom and makes Universimm stand out. 

Universimm benefits

  • Unlimited connections: With Universimm, the days of being at the mercy of inaccurate algorithms are over. Unversimm allows you to post content beyond the conventional borders of traditional social networks. This helps both social media users and advertisers reach and connect with their desired audience effortlessly. 
  • Cultural exchange: Universimm empowers users to connect and engage with like-minded people and share their experiences with a receptive audience. The best part is that you can do this without worrying about your content getting buried by the algorithm or unwanted attention from people you don’t want to connect with.
  • Relevance: Whether you’re an everyday social media user or an advertiser, Universimm ensures that your message reaches those who truly care about what you have to say.
  • Intelligent filtering: Thanks to Universimm’s intelligent filtering capabilities, misinformation is a thing of the past. The intelligent filtering mechanism ensures that users only see relevant and reliable content. 
  • Networking and genuine connections: With its unique model, Universimm prioritizes genuine connections between like-minded individuals. This makes Universimm the ideal place for people who want to make genuine connections or initiate rewarding collaborations.

Join the Universimm revolution today

In a world dominated by monotonous and monopolistic social networks, Universimm stands tall as the platform that puts users back in control. Get ready for an extraordinary social networking experience that promises personalized connections, user control, and a vibrant community of like-minded individuals. 

Universimm is already redefining the social networking experience for social media users across the globe. In just a few clicks, you can join countless others on this exciting platform. Simply sign up with your name and email address and you can experience the future of social media. 

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