Universe Finance is set to launch IDO on the 13th – 18th of February 

Universe Finance

Since the defi boom in 2020, the need for high-level security, good liquidity management, and a high return on investment has become evident. The desire to solve some of these challenges has led to several upgrades on existing platforms and an influx of new platforms under the defi 2.0 cap.

One platform making a mark in the defi ecosystem using Uniswap is Universe Finance. Uniswap is the largest AMM built on the Ethereum blockchain and a platform committed to constant upgrade. Uniswap has upgraded from V1 to V2 and now V3 with the major upgrade on V3 being an improvement in its ability to gather liquidity in a specified range and provide high yield on investments. Despite these being considered a major upgrade, it has several underlying challenges like high risk, high cost, rebalancing, and automated reinvestment for liquidity providers.  These challenges and more are solved by Universe Finance.

What is Universe Finance?

Universe Finance is an active liquidity management platform of Uniswap V3 based on risk ranking and quantitative strategies. Its mission is to help Uniswap V3  users’ maximize returns. Also, Universe Finance has provided a series of products and some proactive liquidity management tools to meet challenges such as increased risk, expensive gas fees, the timing and frequency of rebalancing, and reinvestment. It is the best V3 liquidity management platform both on Ethereum and Polygon.

Another benefit of Universe is its ability to serve a wide range of Uniswap users from risk-averse to risk-neutral and risk-seeking users. Also, Universe Finance offers high-level security to prevent platform attacks or price action manipulation.

The latest news from Universe Finance is the upcoming IDO event that is scheduled for 13th 

In the last few months, Universe has made incredible progress which is evident in the quality of partnerships. Some of which include – Instadapp, Polygon, Olympus, DODO,,, Vader Protocol, Stake with US, Poolz, Biconomy, and Defilllama. In addition, Universe has made several achievements like cross-chain to polygon and integration of smart vault v2, a  single asset vault.

Universe Finance Future Projections

Universe finance has been very consistent with the project’s roadmap and plans to hit major landmarks like supporting more chains, launching leverage vault on the 23rd of February, leveraging farming on polygon, Eth, and other chains, providing private vault for Dao management, and managing $1B Uniswap V3 liquidity in the next 12 months.

The mainstream adoption of innovations like defi is highly impacted by projects like Universe Finance due to high-level security, high yield generation, and accessibility to a wide range of audiences.

For more information on Universe Finance, Visit: Twitter | Website | Discord | Docs  

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