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Unity for Freedom in Ukraine Addresses the Transition of Needs as War Persists

Unity for Freedom in Ukraine is prepared to tackle long-term and short-term needs as they amplify with prolonged war.

As the war in Ukraine marches steadily toward a one-year point, Russia remains committed to causing long-term destruction to the region with continued attacks and no signs of declining escalations. For people focused on the region’s long-term health, such as Alexander Rekeda, co-founder of United for Freedom in Ukraine, the ongoing destruction only amplifies the need for multi-faceted approaches to assisting Ukraine citizens now and for the long term.

Unity for Freedom in Ukraine addresses the consequences of long-term conflict

The longer the war in Ukraine continues, the longer any rebuilding process will take. After a conflict ends, there is always a fast track to address urgent needs. This is where international aid, particularly from other governments, comes in and helps fill the massive economic gaps conflict creates by providing funding to restore essential infrastructures, such as roads, bridges, railways, and the other mechanisms needed to transport goods and crops produced to both local and international marketplaces.

During this timeframe, there will also be many organizations addressing the humanitarian crisis in a particular and, often, bureaucratic way, but Unity for Freedom in Ukraine is different. Organizers like Alexander Rekeda realize the challenges of providing resources to those most in need — people in remote areas with little access to transport and distribution centers. The group has established a network of on-the-ground operators who can identify urgent needs and, whenever possible, locate resources within Ukraine or outside the country with easy access to a population in need. Alex’s older daughter, Anna Rekeda, has been very instrumental in communicating with the volunteers willing to spend their time and efforts distributing the aid.

Throughout the conflict, these grassroots organizers have been utilized to meet the population’s short-term needs, such as food, shelter, and medical needs. When the conflict ends or long-term requirements can be addressed, Unity for Freedom in Ukraine plans to utilize the same group to ensure small businesses, small farmers, and other communities receive the necessary assistance to restore their lives and continue building a strong Ukraine. Russia’s war with Ukraine is not just about land and border disputes; it is an attack on culture and people, so  Alexander Rekeda remains committed to fighting to preserve this proud identity.

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