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United for Freedom Raises Money To Support People Affected by Russia’s War of Aggression in Ukraine 

Russia's War of Aggression in Ukraine

Europe has been ravaged by Russia’s aggressive war of conquest in Ukraine, displacing millions of people while starting the largest land war Europe has seen since World War II. A war that Russian leader Vladimir Putin would be a short “special military operation” has dragged on for months, due in no small part to the heroics of the Ukrainian people and their President, Volodymyr Zelensky. While the fight of the Ukrainian people is admirable, and the support of Western NATO allies is critical, everyone can step up to help those impacted by this war. That is precisely what United for Freedom ( is doing, led by Alexander Rekeda and Alexander Gouzenko.

Funds Will Directly Aid Those Impacted by Russian Aggression

Alex Rekeda and his wife are initially from Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. They have been donating money to various charities since the war started but knew they needed to do more. Seeing tens of thousands of people dying as a result of Russia’s war of aggression, Alexander, together with his friend Alexander Gouzenko decided to set up a charitable fund to collect money that would be used to aid those impacted by the war. As a result of Russia’s war of destruction, people have been displaced, homeless, and without necessities. This includes food, water, and power. With the European winter coming, those living in Ukraine need all the help they can get.

Speed Is Important When Sending Aid

Even though Alexander Rekeda and his wife have used several channels to distribute funds to those who need them, time is of the essence. Now that they have set up a charity, United for Freedom (DBA Unity for Freedom) can get aid to the right people faster and with fewer fees, ensuring that more of the aid ends up in the hands of those who need the most help. Their charity is in touch with people in Ukraine daily, and they will focus the aid on areas that need it the most, emphasizing those on the front lines of the conflict.

The Goal Is To Save Lives

While there is no certainty when the conflict will end, the one sure thing is that funds donated to United for Freedom will help save lives. Alex Rekeda and his friends are reaching out to as many people as possible, using social media to share the importance of the message. While money is always helpful, medical supplies and hospital equipment are in short supply. Given that the conflict continues to rage, particularly in the country’s eastern regions, everyone from soldiers to civilians needs medical supplies. Alexander Rekeda and his partners have used their connections in Hoboken, NJ, to collect as much as possible, but war is always needed.

The Importance of Uniting To Support Those in Need

United for Freedom seeks to unite as many people as possible to support the Ukrainian people in their hour of need. Every small gesture makes a huge difference, and this charity will ensure that all donated resources end up in the hands of those who need them the most.

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