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Unique Features of BCharity, a Smart way of Donating to Charity.

BCharity is the first ever international charity exchange built on the blockchain technology. The charity exchange aims to bring together charity organizations, private benefactors and philanthropists from all corners of the globe to provide an opportunity to make donations towards people in need. Other than connecting these charitable individuals and organizations to the needy, the BCharity platform will also help the less privileged share their challenges and difficulties with the world. BCharity is a practical application of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in charity. The platform is so designed that anyone anywhere in the world can make easy and quick donations at their convenience to charities.

The goal of BCharity is to increase the efficiency and accessibility of charities all over the globe by first of all transforming the traditional systems of charity. This will be achieved by eliminating the regulations barriers and intermediaries that decrease the effectiveness of charitable activities around the world. BCharity is the brainchild of Vladislav Kolodistyy, Matthew Guignard, Robby Schwertner, Roman Prishchip and Dmitry Maslo. BCharity Token listed as CHAR is a utility token based on the smart contracts of the Ethereum network. It will be used to make donations on the platform. The ICO of CHAR where the tokens will be offered for sale will begin on April 1st 2018 and run till the end of the month.

Features and services

  • BCharity will showcase local problems and cases that would have otherwise remained unknown to charitable individuals and organizations all over the world. Essentially, BCharity will give all charity cases recognition on a global scale.
  • CHAR tokens are based on the smart contracts of Ethereum to provide transparency and traceability of financial information and ensure that a recipient receives the due donations.
  • The implementation of the blockchain technology in BCharity brings trust and decentralization to the platform. Contributors are able to make direct donations whenever and wherever they please without the need for intermediaries.
  • Donations have the anonymity option meaning benefactors can choose to stay anonymous or reveal their identity.
  • BCharity utilizes a service called BCharity translate that translates text in any language to English for charity foundations around the world that require global recognition and publicity but can only interact in their native language, one other than English.
  • Only officially registered charity foundations will be eligible for financial assistance to curb the activities of fraudulent charity organizations.

Problems solved

  • BCharity fixes the language barrier problem between willing benefactors and charity foundations.
  • The charity ecosystem is low in confidence because of the doubts people entertain about the distribution of funds. BCharity offers a solution to this problem by providing transparency and trust in its transactions.
  • BCharity removes the barricade in the traditional charity market by giving all charity organizations – small and big ones – on the platform international exposure so that individuals and organizations from all over the world can make donations towards their cause.

What makes BCharity unique?

  • BCharity transfers the funds at a minimal transaction fee directly to the charities and those in need anywhere in the world.
  • BCharity translate will help benefactors make donations towards charities that they would have otherwise not been aware of because of the language barrier.
  • Also, BCharity via the BCharity translate service rewards the users on the platform who take out time to correctly translate texts in other languages to English.
  • The platform provides a global network of philanthropists, private benefactors, and organizations that will utilize the modern-day technology to ensure the effectiveness of the fundraising process.


BCharity is revolutionizing the charity ecosystem by gradually changing the traditional methods of charity to ensure that help and assistance is offered to those in need of it regardless of where they are in the world.


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