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UniLend V2 Launched on Mainnet: First-Ever Permissionless Lending & Borrowing Protocol for All Digital Assets

UniLend Finance, a leading decentralized finance protocol, has launched its revolutionary new version UniLend V2 on the Ethereum Mainnet. UniLend V2 marks a significant milestone as the first-ever permissionless lending and borrowing protocol for all ERC20 tokens, opening doors to DeFi for everyone and revolutionizing the digital asset landscape.

Being listed on both Binance and Coinbase Custody, UniLend Finance has significantly broadened its horizons on a global scale. This strategic move exposes the project to a vast audience of crypto enthusiasts and investors worldwide, solidifying its pivotal role as a transformative force in the DeFi ecosystem.

The DeFi sector has experienced exponential growth in recent years; however, many tokens remain unsupported by existing protocols such as Aave and Compound, leaving a substantial portion of the market devoid of DeFi functionalities. With UniLend V2, users can now lend and borrow over 13,000 ERC20 tokens, empowering users with unparalleled access to decentralized finance. This groundbreaking initiative propels the total addressable market of DeFi to over $300 billion, democratizing access to financial services for all.

UniLend’s mission, “Make Every Digital Asset Productive,” underpins the platform’s commitment to enhancing the functionality of digital assets. UniLend V2 represents a significant leap forward in achieving this vision, positioning the protocol as a cornerstone of future DeFi applications.

UniLend V2 introduces innovative features such as Isolated Dual Asset Pools for lending and borrowing, leveraging price feed oracles, and gas optimization to enhance efficiency and security. Additionally, the platform offers Flexible Lending, Flash Loans, Non-Fungible Liquidity, Concentrated Liquidations, OnChain Price Feed, and a Seamless User Experience, ensuring a comprehensive and user-friendly DeFi ecosystem.

UniLend’s journey began with UniLend V1, which introduced the concept of permissionless flash loans. Over the past two years, UniLend V1 has executed more than $50 million in flash loans across Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, and Moonriver, with over 25 supported tokens. It laid the foundation for the evolution of decentralized finance.

The success of UniLend V2 on the testnet underscores its readiness for the market. With over 100,000 transactions across 50+ test liquidity pools and 12,000 active users, demonstrated its scalability, efficiency, and reliability. UniLend V2’s smart contracts have undergone rigorous audits by leading firms Peckshield and Slowmist, ensuring the highest standards of security. Additionally, the launch of the ImmuneFi Bug Bounty program, with a reward pool of $25,000, underscores UniLend’s commitment to safeguarding user funds.

With an impressive portfolio of over 100 strategic partnerships like Polygon, Injective, Chainlink, and many more, UniLend’s ecosystem is dynamically expanding. The platform continues to empower an increasing array of assets with its flagship lending and borrowing functionality, contributing to the ongoing evolution of decentralized finance.

As UniLend charts the course for the future of decentralized finance, the platform cordially invites its extensive global community, which encompasses 147k community members across 13 distribution channels and 8 regional communities, as well as the broader Web3 community, to experience their revolutionary UniLend V2 protocol and unlock the productivity potential of every digital asset.

“This marks just the beginning as we envision UniLend to be a futuristic base layer for all Future DeFi applications. With UniLend V2, we’re not merely launching a protocol; we’re igniting a movement—a movement to unlock the potential of all assets and empower everyone to lend and borrow any token. The UniLend V2 launch signifies our determination to revolutionize Decentralized Finance” said Chandresh Aharwar, UniLend Finance CEO.

About UniLend Finance:

UniLend Finance is a leading multichain permissionless lending and borrowing protocol that enables users to lend, borrow, and earn interest on any ERC20 token. With a focus on decentralization and inclusivity, UniLend aims to empower users by making every digital asset productive. UniLend V2 represents the next evolution in DeFi protocols, offering innovative features and unparalleled accessibility. They are developing a futuristic base layer for all DeFi applications.

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