Unikeys announces the launch of UKey card, a Biometric Cold Storage Hardware Wallet

Unikeys introduces the UKey card, a smart hardware crypto wallet that employs biometric security and payment channels for lighting-fast transactions.

Cryptocurrencies have truly changed the way finances work in the modern world. With the introduction of Bitcoin and followed by countless others, blockchain based digital money has made its mark. Fast, secure, cheaper, easier and without hassle, cryptos are here to stay.

Security of Cryptos

Since cryptocurrencies are purely in digital nature, security of the tokens and coins is paramount. Unlike fiat, where any malicious party must actually have access physically to snatch it, cryptocurrencies can be stolen from any part of the world. All it takes is a bit of information and a person can use an internet connection on a laptop to commit theft.

To ensure maximum security, e-wallets of digital money are encoded in a military grade encryption that can be accessed only through a very long and complex password known as its private key. Developers of wallets tend to add extra layers of security since users can be lax in saving the key and it can be leaked or stolen, giving the recipient complete control. Most of the extra layers of security include passkeys, security files, multi signatures and two-factor authentication.

Hard wallets are physical forms of crypto wallets. They are mostly specialized USB memory sticks with added securities that offer better protection than e-wallets. One of the best securities that hardware based wallets offer is that they can be stored offline, making it impossible to access them or their keys.

The Ukey Card

Ukey Card is a hardware wallet by Unikeys that is one of the most secure and unique hardware wallets to hit the market. The company specializes in developing extremely high protected and discrete wallets for cryptocurrencies. Unlike most hardware wallets, they Ukey is not a USB based equipment, but is actually in the shape of a credit card. The wallet has some features that set it apart from every kind of wallet currently in the market:

  • Size: The wallet is exactly the dimensions of a credit card, making it easier to carry.
  • Compliance: The card adheres to internationally accepted security standards such as ISO 7810 and 14443 and has passed all tests it was subjected to.
  • Secure: The world’s first three-factor authentication security enabled hardware wallet, it contains a biometric scanner provided by the world renowned MeReal Biometrics. This means that even with all other securities compromised (a highly unlikely chance), hackers will not be able to access the wallet since only the owner’s fingerprint can unlock it.
  • Contactless Access: Connected by encrypted Bluetooth and NFC technology, it does not require a physical connection to an internet connected device, making phishing impossible.
  • EMV Chip: The chip makes the card act like just an ordinary credit or debit card and users can use it to cash out their cryptos for fiat from any ordinary ATM.
  • Payment Processing: Acting like a swipe or a contactless card, Ukey can be used at any dedicated Unikeys POS device.
  • Compatibility: The card can be used with any iOS or Android device, making it universal.
  • Multi-Currency: The Ukey card supports a number of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, ERC20 standard tokens and its own native Unikeys tokens.
  • Whitelabel: Unikeys can be contacted by any blockchain platform to give them their own Ukey card, designed for their token and platform.

About Unikeys

Unikeys is a crypto wallet company that specializes in hardware wallets. Their product, the Ukey card is a very unique product that is the most secure hardware wallet in the world. Alexandre Tabbakh, CEO and Co-Founder of Unikeys said, “At Unikeys we aspire to be the true catalyst for cryptocurrencies becoming mainstream. Biometrics will finally provide the true security and peace of mind to encourage mass adoption. In parallel, our merchant ecosystem and payment channels structure will streamline and speed up transactions making cryptocurrency payments a real practical option for the people.

A bridge that connects traditional financial networks and cryptocurrencies is what will put blockchain-based money in the mainstream. Unikeys’ Ukey crypto card is the perfect answer. By giving all people, including crypto owners, users, merchants, enterprises and even governments an immensely secure and easy way to access their crypto assets and use them in ordinary life cases, Unikeys sets itself in a unique position and outpaces all other hardware wallet manufacturers.

The card, coupled with their Unikeys merchant application, Unikeys readers (POS) and Payment Processor, Unikeys creates a whole ecosystem of crypto to crypto and crypto to fiat transaction system.

Unikeys Token

The Unikeys ecosystem has its own native token, the UNK. An ERC20 compliant token, it is a means of purchasing devices and services provided by the Unikeys team, gives a cashback reward on every transaction done through it and has the lowest transaction fee when used on merchant app and payment processor to make a transaction.

The UNK will be available through its crowd sale that will begin in September 2018. The exchange rate will be announced before the start of the sale.

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