Unido Builds Tool for Asset Managers on Polkadot

ool for Asset Managers

As the blockchain industry evolves and crypto achieves more mainstream adoption, crypto-native enterprises are becoming increasingly more common. The advent of smart contract platforms such as Ethereum, and more noticeably, Polkadot, has driven home the potential of blockchain technology for enterprise applications.

Functioning as cutting-edge custody service, Unido is designed for crypto-native companies as well as asset managers on the blockchain. Unido is underpinned by patent-pending private key obfuscation algorithms that offers seamless integrations with applications on other popular blockchain networks and provides the ultimate in security and governance for the user. The service allows users to manage and invest their crypto assets while benefiting from a safe and interoperable digital environment. 

Enterprises using Unido’s custody service can make use of two main features through a central dashboard. Here they can manage their assets as well as invest them. The dashboard is the entry point to a business banking portal and a decentralized finance (DeFi) vault.

The business banking portal provides crypto-native management tools that rely on smart contracts to perform payments and other management tasks. On the other hand, Unido’s DeFi Vault is a multi-signature enterprise wallet that provides a simple yet powerful tool for enterprises to invest their crypto assets into a range of popular yield-generating DeFi protocols.

Unido makes use of Polkadot’s specialized parachain technology for better scalability and overall convenience. This is how it is able to provide a better solution to alternative options for key enterprise operations such as cost management, payments, and taxes. This is all achieved in an end-to-end platform that comes with enterprise-grade security and governance structures.

A simple platform like Unido is exactly the tool that many traditional companies and asset managers might need to delve deeper into the burgeoning blockchain and cryptocurrency space. It provides the security and all-in-one features that are lacking in most currently available custody solutions.

To learn more about Unido and its upcoming Token Generation Event follow the team on Twitter or Telegram, or visit the website.

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