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Unicrypt: Enabling Safe Passive Income Opportunities Through the Yield Farming Venture

The Defi project Unicrypt has managed to capture investors’ attention with its forward-thinking within the market in a short while. It currently boasts over $94 million in liquidity locked in its ecosystem, and the number expected to rise with its constant upgrades.

Unicrypt operates as a distinct, autonomous ecosystem residing on the blockchain network. It offers various services ranging from liquidity lockers, yield farming to supporting new projects planning on establishing themselves.

Today, finding a reliable and effective promotion channel can be challenging, especially for new creations. To some extent, it costs way more than the budgeted target to project an idea to a broader audience successfully. 

Leveraging Unicrypt can go a long way in launching projects through its launchpad allowing for public presales. At the core of Unicrypt’s architecture lies two native tokens(UNCX and UNCL), which play a massive role in ensuring a sustainable ecosystem.

Unicrypt Tokens’ Functionalities

UNCX functions as a deflationary token with an original supply of 48,650 tokens, currently having 36,163 UNCX in circulation. This token comes with governance rights giving UNCX holders the chance to make vital implementations on the Unicrypt network. 

The network burns some of its UNCX earned from the fees it gathers from its dapps. A point to note is that the token has no minting options on its contract. 

On the other hand, UNCL runs as a yield farming token seeking to produce a much higher annual percentage yield (APY) than prominent platforms such as Compound or Aave. However, it wants the result to be toned down as compared to its counterparts such as SUSHI

The token is inflationary, unlike UNCX, aiming to be a revolutionary farmed token in the Defi space. Users can stake the UNCL on its liquidity pool tokens on Uniswap to earn rewards. Furthermore, it targets to get powerful pairs for the token to offer users diversity for farming and swapping. 

In total, there are 149,762 UNCLs, with each going for $11.9. In the future, Unicrypt focuses on having UNCL paired with many other tokens available on the market.

A Haven for Yield Farming Opportunities

Yield farming ventures present worthwhile capabilities for enthusiastic investors in the crypto space. Farmers basically become liquidity providers by making specific contributions to a liquidity pool. 

In return, the investor secures rewards emerging from the fees an ecosystem generates. The process can also be viewed as lending funds to a protocol for profit maximization.

Unicrypt takes up the same methodology enabling users to receive rewards while depositing on Uniswap’s liquidity pools. To be precise, the network pays a reward of 0.3% fees for adding liquidity to Uniswap. Investors’ rewards vary with the amount of liquidity contributions and the number of farmers in a liquidity pool.

On top of that, the community can actively suggest new token pairs that can be added to the network. The current UNCL tokens in circulation currently stand at 114k and will continue to increase by 80% in the future.

As a bonus, UNCL will become more utilized as Unicrypt rolls out additional pairs with it.

The Liquidity Locker Concept

Essentially, liquidity lockers allow investors to lock liquidity on Uniswap for a specific period. Uniswap is well-known for its diverse number of liquidity lockers totaling 2715, with their value exceeding $90 million.

Larger projects harnessing the power of UniCrypt incur a fee of 50 UNCX tokens which will be burnt. Relatively smaller projects attract a 0.5 ETH charge.

Uniswap’s liquidity lockers are also advantageous as they reveal critical details such as the amount of funds locked and the lapsing date. Using this information gives the investor ample time to decide on which liquidity locker to invest with.

The liquidity lockers are directly linked to Uniswap with the migration functionality into Uniswap V3, increasing reliability.

Introducing a Decentralized Launchpad with Unicrypt

Asides from bringing in the yield farming idea, Unicrypt recently launched its decentralized launchpad to present a platform for projects’ presales. As it is, the network describes it as ‘decentralized, autonomous, and scalable.’ 

The developers behind the project dub it the ‘Uniswap of presales,’ standing as a public arena that any project can make use of. Furthermore, it is here to bring a simplified option for both project teams and interested investors while conducting such processes. 

It is undeniable that centralized launchpads involve unnecessary procedures and scrutiny to launch a project successfully.

For instance, to meet Binance’s presale procedures, projects will have to go through some background checks and estimate its success in the trading market. This move hinders many developments from realizing their potential despite having calculated and promising innovations for the financial industry.

Auditing procedures ensure that Unicrypt remains a trusted ecosystem by many as it detects any activity that seems out of place. If any contract, proxy, etc., stands flagged as suspicious, this information will appear on the presale. 

Where to Start

Projects looking forward to collaborating with Unicrypt’s launchpad have to start by designing a soft and hard cap. Simply put, a hard cap refers to the maximum level of capital that a company wishes to raise. Soft caps are quite the opposite because they interpret the minimum capital amount required to kick-start a project.

Since the launchpad provides an array of tokens involved in presales, the project has to select an option to get the funds; that includes DAI, ETH, USDC, USDT, and more. 

As a condition to proceed with a presale launch, the project’s team needs to lock a minimum of 30% liquidity in Unicrypt’s liquidity lockers; notwithstanding, the network advises locking up to 100%.

After that, it activates the whitelist feature, which is an optional function on Unicrypt’s user interface. Essentially, the public launchpad offers two presale rounds.

The first round is exclusively set aside for UNCL and UNCX token holders, which could be sold out in 2 hours. All participants must hold a minimum of 4 UNCX or 50 UNCL as a requirement for taking part in the first round.

In the second round, any user can participate in the team’s whitelisted address while covering a timeframe of up to two weeks. 

UniCrypt, A Trusted and User-friendly Platform

UniCrypt has the investor’s funds at heart, recognizing the rise in Defi scams as a problem that requires attention. In that case, its auditors and the liquidity lockers act to minimize risks that individuals face when putting their money into DeFi projects. 

The platform further gives every participant somewhere to conduct their undertakings easily. Considering the large number of presales it may host, the development team invested in making the network automated and, consequently, highly scalable. 

Finally, it holds high equality standards required to boost blockchain and crypto startups, thus, pushing for mass adoption. 

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