Undiscovered Treasures: Top 5 Undervalued Coins With Huge Potential

Recent months seem like a permanent surprize for crypto investors. Trends are so fluctuating that you never know if your screen will turn red or green when you visit Coinmarketcap.

This situation leads to the partial hiatus of the markets. Most traders simply wait trying to understand what is happening and where it leads.

However, when the ship sails through a stormy sea, only the brightest sailors are able to think broader and see beyond the ongoing drama.

Under the first shade of uncertainty, there is a bunch of stunning possibilities in the market. Just look around, consider the arguments and you’ll find the gold waiting for you in the ashes.

To get you started, we’ll walk you through the top 5 undervalued coins which, in our opinion, have a huge potential to shine bright in the near future.

(All the given statistics (market caps, followers, etc.) were taken on 2018/07/26)

1) Lympo 

Blockchain-based healthy lifestyle ecosystem Lympo (LYM) has excellent chances to become a leader in sports related digital industry. The team does a great job with their audience and already has struck a few big names for partnerships, including the NBA club and tennis superstar.

Lympo establishes the monetization model for user-generated sports and wellness data. Sports lovers provide Lympo blockchain ledger with their vital data. In return, they get LYM tokens that can be spent on further enhancement of a healthy lifestyle.

Lympo, in turn, allows relevant parties such as health insurance companies, fitness apps, employers and gyms to access the information.

The win-win-win model predicts an exponential growth in the extremely trendy industry of fitness. In the future Lympo might become a leading ecosystem for the entire market, full of motivated customers and constantly evolving businesses.

Partnerships Achievements Followers
Tennis star Caroline Wozniacki Hadax Telegram: 13102
NBA team Dallas Mavericks Bitforex Twitter: 8047
Smackway Kcashofficial wallet Facebook: 34811
Bankera Kucoin
Danske Bank Vilnius Marathon Ethfinex

Market cap: $27,153,214

Volume (Last 24 hours): $4,188,700

Our verdict: Considering an interaction with the target audience, Lympo is one of the best tokens in the cryptocurrency world. This approach has already proven its potential. LYM’s performance in the bull market was so good that Lympo takes the first place in this article.

2) Gladius

Gladius, an Ancient Roman soldiers’ sword, is raised again. Its primary task, as always, is the protection, but this time – in digital world.

The platform offers decentralized solution to defeat DDoS attacks by allowing users to connect to protection pools nearby to provide better protection and accelerate theircontent. Gladius team claims it enables anyone to increase the security and accelerate their website.

Participants can “rent” their computers’ spare bandwidth and processing power in exchange for GLA tokens, and then use these tokens to pay for a private, decentralized hosting solution using the network’s collective power.

Partnerships Achievements Followers; Article in Telegram: 39488
Horizon Communications. Featured alongside some ground breaking projects on TechCrunch Twitter: 28200
Worked with Ciena during their corporate hackathon Kucoin Facebook: 18665

Market cap: $2,570,779

Volume (Last 24 hours): $21,419

Our verdict: Relatively small market cap, relatively big community size and a strong advisory team. We give them a second place because of Gladius marketing activity so far, which indicates that it could be a big potential by the time they have a working product.

3) CarVertical

Some say the idea of creating a blockchain-based car history registry was laying on the road for some time. However, only carVertical team picked it up and started a successful implementation. Simplicity is genius, some also say.

carVertical(CV token) gathers as much information as possible about the vehicle from various global sources. Moreover, company claims to be the first car history provider to get data from connected cars via on-board diagnostic (OBD) devices. Blockchain verifies all the data hasn’t been changed, faked or manipulated. So, car buyers around the globe should finally get authentic and non-faked information about the specific vehicle.

carVertical’s audience is one of the broadest in the whole ICO ecosystem. Having in mind there are more than a billion cars in the world, it’s a real gold mine. But the team also orients towards B2C sector. Company develops various data products, including car history reports, API, white label solutions and a platform for connected cars.

To sum up, when these guys launch their products, the price of the CV token can jump to the dizzy heights.

Partnerships Achievements Followers
Volkswagen has invited carVertical to partner in the development of blockchain-based solutions CARA-Europe membership Telegram: 13148
BMWCarData usage CarVertical is supported by EU through 2014-2020 Operational Programme for the European Union Funds Twitter: 13800 Kucoin Facebook: 19111
BRC auto Idex
Lithuanian Registry of Motor Vehicles

Market cap: $9,476,188

Volume (Last 24 hours): $181,042

Our verdict: Medium size market cap with an idea to solve an old worldwide problem. We give them a third place because of the amount of partnerships and achievements they have been able to achieve till date. Company is planning to launch its first product on August 7th, which is quite soon. If executed well, it could lead them to the success.

4) Snovio

While carVertical targets both B2B and B2C, Snovio is shaped for business needs only. Although average consumer may not even know this title, the platform is able to growth in big numbers.

First of its kind, Snovio (SNOV token) uses blockchain technology and crowdsourcing data collection methods to generate high-quality leads. That’s how Snovio eases the process of finding necessary data providing benefits for both sides. Users get paid in ETH or SNOV for their valuable information and businesses receive interested contacts.

Snovio currently operates three platforms:, a lead-generation platform offering multiple marketing tools, Snovio Marketplace, a tokenized lead-generation platform, and Snovian.Space, a decentralized reward based social networking platform for professionals in crypto, tech, and other niches.

Partnerships Achievements Followers Kucoin Telegram: 18384
TECHNOLOGICAL PARTNER Token rockets Bibox Twitter: 10800
Starta Accelerator Tidex Facebook: 46998
Sheldon Store added Snov as payment EtherDelta
Collaboration with Musards

Market cap: $3,834,314 

Volume (Last 24 hours): $101,219

Our verdict: Low market cap, delivered a working product already. If promoted correctly, may have a big success amongst the blockchain enthusiasts.

5) uTrust

Maybe someday the whole world will pay and buy in cryptocurrencies. But today there is still a need for mutual bond between crypto and fiat worlds. That’s where uTrust (UTK token) found its spot.

As the team introduces the project, uTrust is the world’s first cryptocurrency payment solution to offer instant transactions, buyer protection & crypto-to-cash settlements. In short, uTrust aims to build a payment API for marketplace integration that will become the crypto-contender to PayPal where buyers can pay in their favorite cryptocurrency.

Platform’s vision is an attractive fusion of both cryptocurrency and fiat advantages.

Consumers should get the same safety level as they do in traditional online purchases while the platform should also protect the merchants from crypto-market volatility. uTrust will act as a mediator, resolving conflicts and enabling the possibility of refunds to mitigate fraud.

On the other hand, uTrust wants to build upon the best features of cryptocurrencies to enable fast transactions, lower fees and low cross-border transaction friction.

Partnerships Achievements Followers
Alliance with UMT AG Huobi Telegram: 12815
Gambio software Kucoin Twitter: 28500
Pundi X OKEx Facebook: 12800
TrustrootIO HitBTC
AppCoinsProject Aptoide Ethfinex
SomaToken Idex
Swiss Finance + Technology Association – finnovationCH

Market cap: $20,131,653

Volume (Last 24 hours): $90,160

Our verdict: A PayPal killer – sounds serious, doesn’t it? We’ve heard about uTrust back in 2017 and we can’t wait to see their working product which may turn them either to a zero or a hero. uTrust has a good sized community that is waiting for the release of the product, hence why betting on the product release may help you make some profits.


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