Understanding the Tokenomics of RTVR

RTVR is the currency symbol for the Golden RTVR Crypto. This cryptocurrency aims to bring awareness about dog cruelty. It is trying to build a community that can rescue dogs that are in danger. But if saving dogs is the main motive, how will investors profit from making investments in this currency?

First of all, the tokenomics of RTVR has two parts: one, where they set aside 6% of total investments for Golders. Golders are RTVR-holders. This means you are earning more RTVR if you keep your currencies in your wallet. Secondly, another 6% goes to the currency’s liquidity pool. 

RTVR tokenomics

Pandemic responses and bank bailouts are making governments create new currencies quickly to diversify the portfolio of investors. But it often slows down the value of existing money. This results in inflation. You will notice inflation when you see the prices of products increasing every passing year. 

But cryptocurrencies don’t work like that. They have issuance schedules built on pre-set and algorithmically-created blockchains. This gives investors an idea about the number of coins or tokens the currency can create within a specific amount of time. 

For example, Golden RTVR Crypto will start with a supply of RTVR. But once investors start checking the demand and supply of the coins, they will figure out whether it has the potential to provide long-term profits. 

If issuance schedules are so crucial, does that mean RTVR cannot alter its schedule? It can, but it’s a lengthy process. Every currency that wants to change its issuance schedule has to take permission from a lot of people. The agreement is hard to come to terms with and implement. Although it is theoretically possible, most currencies don’t go ahead and make the changes. 

RTVR token distribution 

Every crypto project must distribute coins to prospective investors. If it can’t, it will eventually cease to exist. Golden RTVR Crypto has a total supply of RTVR. Investing in RTVR will have two advantages: first, you have the opportunity to increase the number of RTVRs you have by holding the RTVRs in your wallet. It’s like keeping your money in the bank as a fixed deposit. You earn more over time because of the term deposit’s interest rate. Similarly, you can increase the number of RTVRs by simply holding the currencies. 

Secondly, you will help dogs lead a better life. There are thousands of dogs who don’t get the love and affection they deserve. Many people mistreat them for no other reason than they are animals. Just because they can’t speak like humans doesn’t mean you have the power to ill-treat them. Instead, you can make a difference in their lives by investing in RTVR. The Golden RTVR Crypto Group is creating a community that will pay attention to rescuing these dogs. It’s an attempt to make the world a better place for our furry companions.

If you love animals, especially dogs, don’t hesitate to make your first investment in RTVR. You will not only make profits over time but also help save hundreds of dogs in the long run.

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