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Understanding the essentials of the social network PICFORFAN

Social networks undoubtedly represent the daily life of the majority of individuals. This technology is a definite achievement for this digital age. In fact, today, social networks are a major part of our lives. The features of these are constantly being updated to the point that today it is possible to make money by producing content. PICFORFAN fits in this logic remunerative to join the useful to the pleasant; an application is available on android

Description of PICFORFAN

The social network PICFORFAN was born with the aim of satisfying both those who need to express themselves via the networks and those who are trying to make ends meet. To better understand the idea of this project, it is necessary to look at its context before presenting it; the site is completely secure and intends to prevent screen users from private content.

  1. Background to the creation of the social network

The profession of influencer is one of the most coveted and prominent today. Indeed, many Internet users of all ages dream of becoming icons and living services rendered online. This profession has strongly contributed to the development of social networks of all kinds. PICFORFAN is a rather atypical social network because users access it to create content but not necessarily to become influencers.

  1. Detailed presentation

PICFORFAN is a platform in which it is possible to share photographic or video content. It is designed in a similar way to several other social networks. The interest is to share its highlights to meet people and make friends. It was created by Lois MARTIN. It is a platform that is highly prized by popular people but also by ordinary people. Nevertheless, PICFORFAN is a particular network. The particularity of this social network is that it makes money. Registration is possible from the age of 15. Of course, the platform does not endorse the publication of illegal content and adult content.

How PICFORFAN works?

The social network PICFORFAN does not have a complex algorithm. In other words, to access the platform, you must go through the home page to either register or identify yourself in case you are already registered. You can sync your account to your e-mail address to make it easier for you to access the platform. Once you are integrated into the network, you need to boost the algorithm in order to have as many subscribers as possible. By publishing content, you can interest a large number of fans. They can interact with you either by sending you a message or by sharing content with you. The content is not censored. However, the social network team is monitoring to avoid harassment and the proliferation of illegal content.

PICFORFAN is a partially free content publishing platform. In fact, the total use of network functionalities requires a lump sum payment. To attest to its relative partial gratuity, we can note some basic features that cost nothing, like creating a profile. On the other hand, access to a large part of publications requires payment of a sum of money. 

This social network is available online regardless of your geographic location. Its platform is intuitive and easy to understand and handle. In addition, the platform offers two types of profiles. One is dedicated to people who want to watch other people’s content without publishing it themselves, and the other is dedicated to people who want to publish content to create a fan community and make money quickly and attractively. The first profile is said to be a user profile and the second is naturally that of a content creator. 

User search methods on PICFORFAN

As mentioned above, PICFORFAN is a social network. Its use and procedures cannot, therefore, differ from those of other social networks. Indeed, searching for users on the platform is not complicated. Whether on the computer or via your mobile phone, the process is the same. Click the magnifying glass icon at the top right. Then, insert the name of the user you want to search for and see the profiles that will be submitted to you to choose the right person. You can also enter aliases to have a better chance of finding the right user.

Remuneration arrangements

The answer to the question of whether it is possible to make money through PICFORFAN is yes. Is this remuneration consistent? This issue, which concerns most users of this kind of platform, requires precise and comparative answers. Indeed, PICFORFAN is a social network that, compared to other platforms of this type, gratuitously remunerates creators. The platform gives creators an 82% remuneration. As a result, each transaction receives only an 18% drawdown. These figures reflect the competitive prices of PICFORFAN ahead of Mym and OnlyFans, which charge 25% and 20%, respectively, on each transaction.

With PICFORFAN you can achieve 300 dollars minimum if you are not very active. This amount can very easily vary as long as you put your hand into it. For added security, PICFORFAN does not make the remuneration public. Estimates are possible with your fans across the networks if you can bring them back on PICFORFAN. However, it all depends on the cost of things like Private tips, the price of the subscription, and the number of subscribers you have. It is imperative to make a substantial sum each month to multiply the content created and also to make your profile attractive.

In short, the PICFORFAN network responds to very current demands, namely the need for escape and entertainment and, finally, the need for money. Being currently the network that best remunerates creators, the latter should logically be better known. In order to satisfy more users and provide everyone with something to round off their monthly income, this social network must have a better reputation to conquer the market.


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