Understanding the Bitcoin from Different Investing Horizons

Understanding the Bitcoin from Different Investing Horizons

Bitcoin is a hash (encrypted) digital currency of the type that was brought back into circulation in 2009. A bitcoin is longer, not fungible, and mined from a protocol based on cryptographic proof. Miners are rewarded for their computational tasks of confirming the logically consistent system.

You can explore this topic to understand investing in Bitcoins by taking different investment horizons.

Bitcoin and its Advantages as the Mother of All Coins–But Beware of its Flaws?

Bitcoin and its various flaws are detailed below in the given discussion on its advantages and disadvantages.

The Mother of All Coins has inarguable advantages.

  • It gives a lot of liberty to the users such that they can avoid paying transnational transaction fees.
  • Do not have to face any centralized authorities
  • Have complete privacy over their purchase and sale history through bots like Bitcoin Method.
  • It has a large currency-used ecosystem made up of many online merchants who accept Bitcoin as the payment system
  • There are very low tax rates featured which enable small-time dealing activities and otherwise small-level business model Bitcoin systems to cover taxes procedures easily and efficiently.
  • There is faster purchase processing time supported by Bitcoin cryptocurrency through a lower number of participants’ involvement in it as compared with any other digital currencies.
  • Further, there is a very significant number of security measures taken by this cryptocurrency because it uses multiple keys (a set of two codes) that help protect one’s coins.

There are downsides accompanying all these features though just like any other trading mode.

“When found, Bitcoin was the emerging new alternative currency that allowed person-to-person transactions with the possible advantage of being anonymous.”

Bitcoin has now reached iconic status. It is more than just digital currency for nefarious intent; it is helping people in dire need with less hope.

Woody Allen once said, “A thousand words of praise is less persuasive to me than a single word of direct quotation from a pilot who says, “I’ve flown this airplane and I know how she handles.”

This quote sums up best what Bitcoin symbolizes to so many: a unique trustless system where individuals can empower themselves by generating their own funds without having to rely on banks–something most governments could never achieve even if they tried.

Analyzing Bitcoin’s Scaling Proposals for Scalability Growing Pains

It is important to analyze different propositions for bitcoin scaling and to discuss their advantages and disadvantages. We need to understand which approaches are better for the future of bitcoin. For this, we can take a look at each proposed solution’s proposition and analyze it individually.

There are two proposals that we will be analyzing: Segwit2x, and Bitcoin Unlimited.

Segwit2x is a proposal from a group of major companies including Xapo,, and Bitcoin Wallet Service in order to increase bitcoin’s transaction capacity by increasing the size of blocks generated by miners. This proposal seeks broad consensus with the total support of 95% of the hashing power in order to implement the change seamlessly without causing any disruptions or divisions in the community.

Bitcoin Unlimited is another scalability solution that is based on an open-source software project with an open set of contributors – anyone can contribute without permission or invitation from an existing contributor.

The debate surrounding the scalability problem of Bitcoin has been ongoing since 2013. The original design of Bitcoin is limited to a 1MB block size limit, which limits the number of transactions that can be processed per second.

Recent events show that there are many different opinions and proposals for increasing Bitcoin’s scalability, but there still has not been an agreement on what is the best way to go about it.

Comparison of coins including bitcoin up against Ethereum

“Should I invest in Ethereum or Bitcoin? Is one going to be worth more than the other in the future?” These types of questions have been around for as long as cryptocurrencies have existed on the market. Over time, Bitcoin has become less valuable as Ethereum has increased and maintained its value. However, there is not a straight answer that can answer these questions and there are many factors to take into account when making this decision.


– Ethereum is currently up against its capacity limit at 15 transactions per second because of the untested Casper protocol.

– Proof of Work block reward can only support up to 7 transactions per second


Mining new Bitcoin is an intense task that requires dangerous levels of computing power in order both confirm transactions with novel cryptography and form a consensus among participants in its public blockchain system.

Summing it up!

In conclusion, Bitcoin is a new form of technology that may make a significant impact on global finance, payments, and trade clearings. No matter on which horizon the investors look, it’s clear that the true potential of Bitcoin is yet to be seen.

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