Understanding Smart Homes in 2022

smart homes

Long gone are the days when the one family computer was the most complex piece of technology in the household. In the 1990s, having that single chunky monitor in the corner of the office was the staple of advanced technology until someone picked up the phone to make a call and found it impossible while that computer was connected to the internet. In the 1980s, teenagers spent hours on their phones, wrapping the miles-long cord around their fingers as they chatted away, and in the 1970s, the family would gather around the hi-fi system to listen to the incredibly crisp sound it put on comedy albums and pieces of music.

These days homes are full of computers. What has become known as the Smart Home is a place that is totally connected by technology and the internet? Below is a look at some of the most interesting and integral elements in the average smart home today.

The Power of Alexa

No overview of a Smart Home in 2022 could start without talking about Amazon’s ubiquitous home assistant technology, which response to your voice every time you say its name: Alexa. Though the technology has been criticized by gender and feminist advocates for equal rights, those who are concerned about surveillance systems, as well as anti-corporate entities who dislike the amount of purchasing the devices encourage Alexa has taken over homes all around the world.

No longer just an assistant for answering questions, setting timers, or playing music, Alexa smart thermostat is now controlling central home heating and cooling systems and can be used when out of the home via an app. Alexa controls televisions can let you know when the refrigerator is out of food and can order more to arrive for the following business day.

Tablets, Smartphones, and Laptops Abound

As Alexa runs the household appliances smoothly while answering questions and telling jokes in her slightly sexy subservient voice, each human member of the household is to connect via their innumerable computing devices. The iPad, which was initially designed to serve as a tool for business, has become the domain of the child. No household with children is complete without an iPad – often wrapped in a kid-friendly and ultra-grabbable silicone mold – and they often sync up with adults’ and teenagers’ Netflix, Amazon, Google, or YouTube accounts so that the entire family can watch the same content on different screens.

In addition, since everyone and their mother (and her mother, too!) has a smartphone these days, social media groups among families are increasingly common. Rather than having to yell down the stairs that dinner is ready, a father can simply post to the family WhatsApp group.

In fact, he doesn’t even need to use words! A simple gif of someone putting food out on the table will be enough to gather everyone from all reaches of the house since they were likely all staring at their phones anyway. The interconnectedness of humans within already digitized houses is the true hallmark of the modern smart home of 2022. Smart and Robotic cleaning solutions like Ecovacs have also become an integral part of smart homes in 2022.

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