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Understanding Different Types of Types of Weighing Scales

Weighing scales have become essential in many households, businesses, and industries in Kenya. They are used for various purposes, including cooking, baking, weighing groceries, weighing people, and weighing industrial products.

As such, the cost of a weighing scale in Kenya is influenced by various factors such as the type of scale, brand, features, capacity, and quality of materials used. This article will outline the different types of weighing scales in the market.

In Kenya, there are several types of weighing scales available for purchase. The most common types of scales include:

Kitchen Scales

Kitchen scales are used to weigh food ingredients when cooking or baking. They come in different sizes and designs, including digital and analog types. The cost of kitchen scales in Kenya varies based on the type, brand, and features.

Typically, a basic kitchen scale costs less than a more advanced scale with features such as automatic shut-off, LCDs, and weight conversion functions.

Bathroom Scales

Bathroom scales are used to weigh people and monitor their weight. They are typically digital and come with features such as body fat analysis, BMI calculation, and weight memory. The cost of bathroom scales in Kenya varies depending on the brand, capacity, and features.

Body Fat Scales

Body fat scales are bathroom scales that calculate the percentage of body fat and weight. They use bioelectrical impedance technology to measure the electrical conductivity of the body. The cost of body fat scales in Kenya varies depending on the brand, features, and quality.

Industrial Scales

Industrial scales are used for commercial purposes and are designed to handle large and heavy loads. They are used in agriculture, construction, manufacturing, and logistics. The cost of industrial scales in Kenya varies based on capacity, size, accuracy, and features.

A basic industrial scale costs less than larger, more sophisticated scales with high accuracy and features such as data logging and connectivity.

Factors Influencing Weighing Scale Prices

Apart from the type of scale, several other factors influence the weighing scale price in Kenya, including:


Different brands offer scales with different prices, quality, and features.


The features included in a weighing scale can influence its cost. Some features include Bluetooth connectivity, body composition analysis, automatic shut-off, memory functions, weight conversion, and more. The more features a scale has, the higher the cost is likely to be.


The capacity of a scale refers to the maximum weight it can measure accurately. Scales with higher capacities tend to cost more than those with lower capacities.


Of course, it’s important to research and shops around to find a weighing scale that meets your needs and budget. You may find a sale or discount that brings the cost down, or you may be able to negotiate with the seller for a better price.

In summary, the cost of a weighing scale in Kenya can vary greatly depending on the type, brand, and features. By understanding these factors and researching, you can find a scale that meets your needs and budget. Happy shopping!

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