Understanding Dental Veneers: Pros, Cons, and Procedure

Dental Veneers

Modern dentistry offers many ways to make a smile sheeny and hide teeth that have lost their appealing look. Crowns, implants, ceramic and zirconia veneers — the further technology develops, the wider the choice of methods for teeth reconstruction offered. In which case should you prefer veneers? Read the article to find out their pros and cons and assess their applicability to correcting your teeth.

Where Did Fashion for Veneers Come from?

The arrival of veneers in dentistry and subsequent entry into the mass market came from the motion picture industry. With the help of thin plates superimposed on the teeth, directors and actors created perfect smiles that could be shown close-up, demonstrating the dazzling teeth of the characters. And today, their popularity is so high that the installation of veneers in Brickell Dental Care is one of the most requested procedures by clients.

The Idea Behind the Veneers Technology

In their modern version, veneers are thin plates that cover only the outer part of the tooth and the incisor, creating the ideal shape and appearance of the tooth. Like crowns, they are made from a variety of materials but are thinner and lighter:

  • Ceramics
  • Porcelain
  • Composite materials
  • Zirconium

You can order dental veneers for the entire dentition at the Brickell Dental Care clinic, or you can cover only 1‒2 uneven or darkened teeth, install them in a checkerboard pattern, etc.

Benefits of Veneers to Improve Smile Aesthetics

If you want to correct the appearance of the teeth quickly and with minimal intrusion, teeth veneers will be a perfect choice. Their advantages are obvious and far outweigh the few disadvantages:

  • Natural highly aesthetic look. Covers let the light shine through their thin plate and look like natural but much more beautiful teeth.
  • Installation speed. This type of dental prosthesis is made quickly thanks to advanced technologies. The implantation is also faster and more painless than the fixing of crowns due to the minimal removal of dental tissue.
  • Staining resistance. You’ll be free from any worries that eating food with coloring substances can somehow spoil their brilliance and whiteness.
  • Long service life. By installing high-quality veneers in Brickell Dental Care, you can wear them with confidence for at least 10 years knowing they will always look perfect.

Disadvantages of Veneers Compared to Other Dental Reconstruction Methods

  • More expensive compared to crowns due to ultra-modern equipment and high-quality materials used for their production.
  • Veneers require replacement after approximately 10 years of operation.
  • The necessity of care and caution when eating solid food.
  • Contraindications for sports that carry a risk of oral injury, such as boxing or wrestling.
  • Not recommended for dark teeth due to the ability to transmit light.

5 Stages of Veneer Implantation

If you decide to improve your smile thanks to veneers in Miami, you can do it very quickly — from one to several weeks, depending on the materials chosen. Most of the time is spent on their production, and all other procedures are very quick:

  • Consulting and diagnostics;
  • Modeling;
  • Mouth cavity preparation before installation;
  • Manufacturing of your covers;
  • Fitting and final fixation.

Your gorgeous smile is a matter of informed decision and 1‒2 weeks of waiting. Change your life for the better and smile with all the breadth of magnificent teeth!

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