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Uncover Office Design Misconceptions and Myths to Create the Best Layout

Multiple office design myths

Every employer wants their firm to achieve great success. Do you want your employees to be successful in all professional endeavors? Then it would help if you focused on your office layout because it lays the foundation for professional success. How your layout your office is the key to a successful enterprise.

Not only will employees work faster, but they will also bring about more efficiency resulting in better productivity. It doesn’t matter whether you are designing a corporate office or a small home office; the right approach is the key to success.

Multiple office design myths can restrict your ability to create a space that is not only productive but also comfortable for the employees. You must focus on the various design elements to increase employee efficiency and productivity. Choosing designs that will restrict their creativity does not make any sense.

Opting for an open layout is better

Open layouts have become popular because they enable effective communication without a visual partitioning system. The main idea is to encourage face-to-face contact between employees for better coordination and collaboration. When there are no structures to separate them, they can work and converse freely while conducting office tasks.

The open layout is generally based on this belief. However, the reality is far from this; if you choose cubicles, you will bring about more effective face-to-face communication. Open layouts have advantages, but you cannot say they are always better than workplace cubicles. Both the design layouts have their pros and cons; as an employer, you should choose a design layout that is based on a hybrid layout system. A blended or mixed layout will have all the features and elements of open layouts and cubicles.

Placing furniture against the wall

Many employers believe that all the furniture should be placed against the world. It is more applicable to small offices, and it doesn’t have much importance in large offices. If you have a large office pushing all the furniture against the wall will create a vast space in the middle. In this scenario, the office parameter will be filled, but the center will remain open. Having the open center completely vacant will create an uninviting atmosphere that will not look welcoming or attractive to the oncoming employees or visitors.

Even if your office is small, it makes sense to leave some space between the walls and the furniture. It becomes challenging to use cords, cables, or sockets on the wall if you push the tables and other office furniture against the wall. To have the best office layout, keep tables and desks at least a few inches from the walls. If you have a recliner chair, there should be ample space for the person to recline back without hitting the wall.

It would help if you focused on other aspects of your office, such as office chairs, desks, and colors. These are not just ascetic aspects of the office.  It can play a pivotal role in improving the efficiency of the workers if done correctly.

Meticulously design your office for better productivity!

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