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Umarketz Review – 5 Things You Should Know About UMarketz

UMarketz is a new, revolutionary forex trading broker making waves in the online trading community. UMarketz was established by a group of traders who wanted to create a new type of forex broker – one that would be completely different from all the other lackluster brokers out there. Don’t forget to check out the UMarketz reviews available on Google after you have read these features.

Best Five Features

  • Open 24/5

UMarketz is the first global forex broker to offer 24/5 trading. They understand that traders do not keep 9-5 work hours, and have responded by giving their clients what they want – 24/5 trading.

The firm offers support for all major regions of the world, including the U.S., U.K., Australia, Canada, Asia, and Europe.

It is a global brand with a mission to change the forex industry, and they’re already well on their way. They offer various features that other brokers don’t provide, allowing traders to benefit from a genuinely unique trading experience.

There are plenty of Umarketz reviews on the internet, and in all of them, the most mentioned features of this trading platform are written below;

  • No Hedging Policy

This firm is a no-hedging broker. This means that with UMarketz, your trades are not opened and closed by trading against other traders’ open positions.

There is no need to place opposite orders for the same currency pair – only order matching occurs. Because of this unique feature, it earns one pip per round turn rather than 0.8 pips, which is the industry standard.

Focused on the needs of each client, they provide customized financial services that offer premium value-added packages.

The company’s sophisticated platform and support team are available to every trader in need, whether for advice or assistance with trading strategies – all at competitive rates!

  • Unlimited Demo Accounts 

UMarketz offers demo accounts to all traders. Unlike most forex brokers, who provide only limited demo accounts to select traders (those willing to deposit or open live trading accounts), It is completely opening their doors and allowing everyone the chance at learning how to trade in the best possible way – with unlimited demo accounts.

The products help traders maximize their returns by giving unparalleled access and advantages in financial market trading.

Their client-first approach enables clients to provide exceptional tools for optimizing investments with a personalized user interface tailored to each individual’s needs, providing them everything they need on one platform – even when it comes time for quick trades!

  • Pro-Active Customer Service 

Customer service at UMarketz is exceptional. Their customer service team is ready at all hours of the day to answer any questions or address any issues you may have.

It does not charge high commissions on currency transactions. Simply put, Their interests are entirely aligned with the interests of their traders, allowing them to have a completely transparent trading experience.

The company has an impressive amount of unique features perfect for all types of online traders, from beginner to advanced. It is genuinely revolutionizing the forex brokerage industry. Most UMarketz reviews on the internet don’t tell much about the best features the traders want to look into, and the customer service of this platform is one of those essential factors.

  • Social Trading Feature

The UMarketz social trading feature allows you to copy traders who make a profit. This means that you can automatically follow other successful traders and watch their trades as they place them.

If the trader makes a mistake, you will receive an email, giving you time to reconsider entering into that trade. In this way, it is genuinely revolutionizing the forex industry.


The bold vision and unique mission of the firm are what sets them apart from all other forex brokers. By providing traders with 24/5 trading, no hedging, unlimited demo accounts, pro-active and helpful customer service, and the innovative social trading feature, UMarketz has secured itself as a forex broker that is truly in it for the traders.

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