Ultron’s Blockchain as a Revolutionary New Way of Building Massively Engaged Community Ecosystems  


There are currently 19,716 Crypto projects, according to CoinMarketCap, and their most obvious commonality is as follows: they are all building narrow, highly niche problem-oriented products. Those solutions are suitable for those exact niche audiences but don’t fare well with the broader community.

Ultron, a new Layer 1 blockchain wants to separate itself from the rest by building a diverse ecosystem that will provide multiple services and a myriad of dApps while enabling its users to participate in that ecosystem with a first-ever single native Layer 1 coin. To ensure that such expectations are met early, the upcoming ecosystem launch will be accompanied by a vast and complete palette of stable native L1 dApps and decentralized digital asset instruments.

Driving future development with a multi-million Ultron fund

One of the predictors of blockchain’s success is the number of dedicated developers on a project. Falling or stagnating numbers oftentimes indicate loss of interest which consequently diminishes an output and represents a big part of delayed promises a project makes. Those delays can furthermore lower the trust in the project, resulting in falling value of a token/coin, starting the negative self-enforcing spiral. Ultron’s team has recognised this problem and developed several strategies to ensure that while building their ecosystem, individuals will want to join and firmly integrate into the community.

They want to achieve integration through generous financial motivation and a community-focused listening ear. To generate interest and continuous support from the developer community, Ultron Foundation will create a multi-million fund, using up to 6% of the total supply of their native ULX coin. These digital funds will be distributed to the developers in the form of grants. Mitigating the shocks of potential volatility, the grants will consist of both ULX and stable coins, such as USDT and USDC. Striving for diversity, micro-grants in the form of bounties will also be given to small-sized projects with the highest potential in value up to a few thousand USD.

Ultron ecosystem – building for a wider community

Bestselling author Robert Greene has famously stated: “An ecosystem that has the maximum amount of diversity is the richest”. For that reason, Ultron Foundation undertook such a substantial task. The ecosystem will be designed so that every single component will be easy to grasp, even for users accessing decentralized services for the first time ever. As one of Ultron’s representatives told us: “We are striving to design an ecosystem that will be simple enough for your grandma to handle her savings, and yet powerful enough for your hedge fund manager to maximize their portfolio potential.”

Their ecosystem will consist of various dApps, stemming from a decentralized exchange (DEX), De-Fi applications, such as farming, swapping, and liquidity pools, a native NFT platform, and much more. Keeping next generations in mind, the rumor has it that Ultron Foundation already struck a deal with a Metaverse development company, a piece of information particularly exciting for younger generations that want to participate in high-tech VR metaverse games.

About Ultron Foundation 

Ultron Foundation is an ambitious blockchain project with large-scale plans for the future. The team’s goal is to provide a rapid growth of the project by means of implementing the latest and most advanced technologies while promoting its native ULX token. Decent scalability, security, and transaction throughputs will be well-maintained by the company that is heading towards the top tiers of the crypto space. Ultron Foundation is shaping a tremendous ecosystem that will rapidly acquire new dApps and grow correspondingly. The first batch of applications is to be released within this month.


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