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Ultra Air Heater Reviews (Consumer Reports) HIDDEN DETAILS! Read Before Buying

Ultra Air Heater Reviews

Hey, we’ve come with another great solution. Truly, Ultra air heaters are new but the amazing thing is that it is the number consumer choice in the United States. Normally, nobody expected it. After trying this product, I see reasons why it is creating such a wave.  Currently, it is selling at a discounted price only on the official website, Ultra air heater is one of the cheapest space heaters available today.

With everything turning into ice everyone is looking for the best way to keep warm. Portable Heaters are in demand now. Which one is the best?

Truly, there are a lot of heaters with fake promises selling online today. Getting the right brand becomes difficult. Is okay if you doubt it but I’m telling you that this heater is real, it is a game changer, it has all the features seen in most high end space heaters and it is still fairly priced.

Unlike before, we have other heaters that you might need to know about so that you can make the right decision. Ultra air heater is the latest we are recommending to our readers. If possible read about other heaters we have reviewed and make your choice.

As regards purchase, we don’t mind, our major concern is you getting the right information. Buy from any place that is secured, a lot of popular review sites have reviewed it. if you see it in any local store, get it there though most of our products are only available online. We advise all our readers to read everything before buying. While most of the heaters we have are good, they have some limitations that you might not like so read through before making any decision.

Product Overview

Product Name: Ultra Air Heater

Heating Method: PTC Ceramic Heating Technology

Category: Home Accessory

Power Rating : 620W (low), 1200W (high)

Starting price: $49.99

Shipping cost: $12.98

Shipping method: USPS parcel select

Extended warranty: 2 years with additional $19.98 (optional)

Guarantee: 60-day cash-back guarantee

Energy saving: more than 30%

Available: On the Official Website

Related Product: Toasty Heater

Key Highlights (Ultra Air Heater Reviews)

  • Built in timer with 4 modes of operations
  • PTC Ceramic Technology
  • Portable and Compact Design
  • Tip over safety features
  • Fast heating technology
  • Energy efficient
  • It comes with 180-degree rotatable plug
  • It’s temperature is fully Customizable

What Is An Ultra Air Heater?

Ultra air heater is a cordless wall outlet convection PTC ceramic heater. It is a portable, compact, lightweight, and very efficient heater.

Like most heaters, Ultra air heaters convert electrical energy into heat energy by allowing current to move across a resistant material (ceramic plates). It uses a small in-built fan to circulate heated air in the room.

In contrast to other portable heaters, its heating capacity is variable. It comes with timers, temperature Sensor, remote control and safety features. It offers portable heating and fits comfortably in most backpacks.

Weighing just a few pounds with compact design, Ultra air heater can be easily moved from one room to another without any hassle. Since its launch, a lot of people have been using it to warm their rooms, offices, and other places.

Unlike central Space heaters or some high end Portable heaters, Ultra air heaters can’t warm larger rooms. We only recommend it to people who want to hear small rooms. It is more like a personal space heater so have this in mind anytime you want to shop it.

Ultra air heaters dish out heat by convection and radiation and it is very safe. It consumes small power making it one of the most efficient heating systems. It has features like a built-in timer and temperature settings so that you will have total control of everything. It doesn’t have to be permanently fixed, you can always change the position provided that there is a suitable power outlet. But it is for indoor use only.

Sincerely speaking, it is not the first of its kind. There are a lot of similar heaters with almost the same features but the main advantage it has is that it is very affordable. It is priced under $50 yet it outperform most expensive brands. It last longer though we haven’t used it longer.

Ultra air heater is. Designed with an LED display screen that shows at glance the working temperature, mode, selected time. Truly, it is fast becoming the most selling heater in the market. It is rated high in America, also, It is produced by a reliable company with many years of experience. The company behind it is US based so quality is assured.

According to experts, reviewers and personal experience. It can effectively heat a 250 square feet sized room Within minutes and still consumes very little power. No doubt, the Ultra air heater is one of the best heaters in the United States this winter. If possible, try it today and see why it is the talk of the two.

Currently, it is making waves in the United States now though there are some hype which we will exposed later. There are claims that it is the best even though there are some limitations. Sure, the design is great, the performance is okay but there are some limitations that you must know before making it your preferred choice. Remember other heaters are selling out so don’t rush so that you will get the best deal this winter unlike the previous one.

As of the moment, Ultra air heater is exclusively sold online on the official website at $49.99 per unit though the manufacturer promised more discount if you buy more than one unit in one round.

Working Principle

Ultra air heater is a PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) ceramic heater. It operates based on the principle of resistance change with temperature. Inside it is a tiny ceramic particle mixed with conducting materials like metal or graphite which creates a closed electrical conducting path.

When it is plugged in a wall socket outlet, current flows through the conducting path. As the current is passing through, Heat is produced due to the resistance of the conducting path.

At low temperatures, when it is turned on initially,  Large currents pass through due to low resistance. As the temperature is increasing, the current starts dropping which is an intrinsic safety feature of it. When the temperature reaches 122 degree Fahrenheit, due to its design, the temperature is brought down to 104 degree Fahrenheit to avoid overheating. If for any reason the temperature crosses 122F, it shuts down automatically.

Features (Ultra Air Heater Reviews)

Ultra air heater is packed with features. according to the manufacturer, here are some of its features:

Automatic Shutdown Switch: To avoid overheating that can lead to fire, Ultra air heater will shutdown automatically once the threshold temperature is reached.

Rotatable Plug: The direction of this heater can be changed up to 180 mechanical degree.

Timer: There is a dedicated button that allows users to customize the heating time. If the selected time elapsed, it turned off automatically.

Temperature selector switch: It also Comes with feature that makes it possible to select the maximum heating temperature. Once the heating temperature is reached, it shuts down automatically.

Power Button: By the side is a dedicated button to manually turn it on or off.

Remote Control: Like other heaters it Comes with a remote control which makes it possible to control from a distance. Now you can turn it on, set time, select heating mode without leaving your comfort zone.

Flame Resistant Casing: This is to prevent fire as it is heating up.

Compact: Compared

Q to its power handling ability, it is the most compact space heater.

Specifications Of Ultra Air Heater

  • Power rating: 620W (low), 1200W (high)
  • Weight: 1.25Ib
  • Area Coverage: Up to 400 Square feet.
  • Heating method: PTC Ceramic heating Technology
  • Heat-up time: depends on the ambient temperature, normally it takes a few minutes.
  • Rated voltage: 110-120V, 60Hz
  • Switch type: Single throw

How To Use Ultra Air Heater

Using an Ultra air heater is very straightforward. Anyone who hasn’t used it before should have no issues using it the very first day. It is just like other Heaters you might have come across and its design makes it more easy to use.

Firstly you need to order it from the official website or from any local retail store if it is there. Unbox it and bring everything out of the box, read the instruction manual thoroughly so that you can know what’s possible with your newly acquired heater.

Now you know more about it, find a suitable spot closer to where you are staying and plug it in, switch it on via the power button by the side, select heating mode, temperature, and set time if you wish. You can rotate it up to 180-degree as well. At the back of it, press and hold the button beneath the plug to rotate it.

Pros (Ultra Air Heater Reviews)

Ultra air heater offers a lot benefits which includes:

Energy Saving: Though it didn’t cover much Space like central gas heating system but it save more energy. From experience, it saves more than 40% which means extra cash to your wallet.

Rapid Heating: Not as fast as most people said. Don’t expect it to heat your entire room Within minutes. Heating time varies as it depends on the ambient temperature. On average, it is one of the fastest heater around.

Cost effective: Initial cost seems negligible when compared to other heaters though we have many heaters sold at the same price. The thing is that it offers more than expected for most heaters priced under $50.

Easy To Control: Ultra air heater works by a click of a button. There are no mechanical parts to fix, all parts have been assembled before shipping.

Uniform Heat Distribution: In contrast to other portable heaters, Ultra air heater keeps every corner warm, thanks to its in-built fan that blows hot air out our is the system.

Customizable: Starting from heating time, heating mode to heating temperature. Everything is under control. Users can set it based on their personal preferences.


Despite having a lot of good advantages, there are some limitations that you will consider before investing in it.

Compared to some portable heaters like Toasty heater, Ultra air heater Consumes more power. At it maximum power, it consumes around 1200W which seems too much when compared to some heaters that take around 500W. Does it cover more space? Well, there’s no significant different from our experience.

Limited Coverage: Even at maximum capacity, it can only warm your personal space. This heater is not as powerful as Central heater. It only warm your personal space so if you are looking to keep every room warms you better stay away from it. For maximum result, we advised one person per heater.

Secondly it is not recommended to use in the bathroom just like other similar heaters.

Why Is It Recommended?

There are a lot of reasons. Firstly, it is affordable. When buying multiple units, you can pay just $29 for one unit without shipping fees. Secondly it is powerful, it is economical, it is super easy to use and it requires no maintenance. This heater is designed and produced in America which means that it meets all the standard. It is safe to use, there’s no negative review since its launch. It has all the features possible unlike some hyped heaters Sold out today.

Yes you might prefer other options, we don’t mind, just get what you trust. Most of this heaters are working to some extent though you need to be care before buying. If in doubt, do more research.

Prices ( Ultra Air Heater Reviews)

  • Purchase 1 Ultra Air Heater @ $49.99 each (plus $12.99 shipping charges)
  • Purchase 2 Ultra Air Heaters @ $44.99 each (plus $12.99 shipping charges)
  • Purchase 3 Ultra Air Heaters @ $39.99 each (free shipping)
  • Purchase 4 Ultra Air Heaters @ $34.99 each (free shipping)
  • Purchase 5 Ultra Air Heaters @ $29.99 each (free shipping)

Where To Buy

Currently, Ultra air heaters can be purchased online, on the official website. They offer a lot of discounts and possible free shipping. Don’t worry, they have a lot of secured payment methods. Feel free and shop with them.

Shipping and Delivery

All orders placed today will be arrived within 5 working days. There’s no sloppy thing in their packaging. The product arrived as seen on the official website.

Return Policy

At Ultra air heater, all orders are backed with a 60-day money back guarantee. Just contact the manufacturer and your refund or exchange will be processed instantly.

Consumer Reports: What Customer Are Saying

Sincerely speaking, there are mixed reviews as expected. Here are what people are saying about it:

Zeke M.  Verified Review

“I was super impressed with this heater. It works great for small spaces. We used it to warm up our garage while working on cars and in our mudroom. It provides a decent amount of heat for being small and is extremely quiet. Great value and great size for personal use”

Natalie M.  Verified Review

“I have my work desk near a drafty window. I get really cold in the winter. I needed to find a personal heater that was small enough to not overcrowd my workstation, but strong enough to provide me with some much needed comfort on those unbearably cold days. This was perfect! And it works great. I was so surprised by the amount of heat you get out of this little thing. Very stylish and quiet. Definitely recommend it!”

Connie T.  Verified Review

“My husband uses this heater in our garage and is very satisfied with this! It is a two car garage and will keep it very comfortable without having to turn on the garage heat. We have also used this in the basement and are very happy with it”.

Don’t be fooled by these Positive comments, there are mixed reviews, some people aren’t completely thrilled though on average, everyone is recommending it.

If possible try one unit first before investing heavily on it. We recommend it just like a Toasty heater.

Final Thought

In conclusion, Ultra air heater is a top tier heater sold out today. It offers rapid heating and covers more space. Based on verified consumer reports, it is one of the best heaters available today. From experience, it works best in your personal space. We don’t recommend it for people looking to warm larger space simultaneously. In general, it is a great addition to your belongings.

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