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Ultimate Guide to shave your head

The bald head has become a new beauty trend and has become quite popular nowadays. People are always looking to simplify their lives. Once you shave your head with a Head Shaver for Men, you can avoid visits to barber shops, thus saving your precious time and money. With a Head Shaver, you can shave your hair at home all by yourself, making the entire process quite easy and fast. Shaving your head is also neither too expensive nor harmful to your health. In addition to it, once you decide to shave your own head, you can do it anytime and anywhere you want. Following these simple steps will help you learn how to shave your head properly. 

(1) First, trim your hair: Are you new to head shaving? You are probably wondering where to start from and how to shave hair at home with a Head Shaver for Men. The first step is to cut your hair really short before shaving. Otherwise, it would really hurt and you will end up with nicks and cuts on your scalp. Here is a useful tip for you. The thinner the hair, the shorter we recommend cutting your hair before you make use of the shaver. 

(2) Dry or Wet Shave, with or without foam: Got your haircut done? Now, it’s time to choose between a dry or wet shave. Unlike the Razors, a Head Shaver is waterproof which lets you shave your head both with water and without it as well. Most of the head shavers are enriched with IPX5 100% Water Resistance technology which allows you to shave in the shower. You can enjoy a real smooth and soft shave as these shavers come with re-engineered high-quality blades. These sharp blades not only protect your skin but also make the grooming process much easier. Another added advantage of using an Electric Head Shaver for Men over mechanical razors is that these shavers do not give any painful cuts or nicks and thus protecting your skin. You also have the freedom to choose between a dry or wet shave, according to your preferences. 

    • Avoid Blunt Blades: You should always make sure that the blades of a Head Shaver are sharp enough. Otherwise, razor burns, nicks, cuts, skin irritation, and razor bumps will become a very common issue. 
    • Before shaving, exfoliate the scalp: Get an extra smooth shave by exfoliating your scalp. This will take all the dead skin cells away. 
    • Wash your scalp with warm water: Washing your scalp with warm water will open the pores and also calm down the scalp. You can also put a warm wet towel over your whole scalp. This will soften the hair follicles making it easier for the shaver to take off the hair. 
    • Use Shaving Brushes: Lots of water can be held by the synthetic bristles of the shaving brush. The shaving brush will also massage and soften your scalp. It increases blood circulation and thus prepares your scalp for a safe shave. Thus, your scalp is protected from irritations, cuts, and nicks. 
  • Apply Shaving Cream, gel, or foam: Do you want an extra close shave with a Head Shaver for Men. Simply spread the cream, gel, or foam thoroughly and lift the hair with the help of the shaving brush. Avoid an alcohol-based gel as that will dry your hair out. You should always give preference to a glycerine-based gel. 
  • Apply the Head Shaver to your scalp in circular motions. 
  • Rinse your scalp with cold water: This will clean the pores so that they can regenerate. 
  • Use Moisturizer or After Shave: After you have completed shaving, this will help heal and moisturize your scalp. This will also serve as an additional layer of protection since you just lost hair and skin cells. 
  • Rinse the shaving brush
  • Rinse the Head Shaver for Men: You can either rinse only the blades under the running water or open them in a snap which will allow a deeper cleaning in and out. 

(3) Don’t forget to apply an After-Shave Gel: A Head Shaver ensures a gentle shave while reducing skin irritation. But, still, you should use an aftershave gel, balm, cooling moisturizers, or lotions which will keep your shaved head moist and smooth. Besides reducing razor burns and preventing infections, they also soothe and repair irritated skin. You should always keep in mind that newly shaved skin has a higher chance of getting a sunburn. Therefore, before being exposed to the sun, using sunscreen is highly recommended. 

Key Takeaway:

Hope this article helps you to get a better understanding of how to shave your head properly. But, make sure that you invest some time into research and choose a Head Shaver for Men that is well suited for your type of scalp and hair. 

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