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Ultimate guide to generating solar leads

  • Imagine a day without  fuel
  • Could you commute to work?
  • Could you cook food?
  • Will you have any electricity?

The answer will be a unanimous no.

Following the wave of industrialisation, a very important principle was obdurate, we need fuel. We, as a civilization have mastered the science of manipulating energy to serve our needs. 

In the present day, fuel lays the foundation of our society. Our economy, technology, and politics are heavily regulated by fuel itself.

The main sources of energy in the world are oil, coal, and gas.With These existing in the market, it might be hard to promote Buy Aged Solar Leads. People tend to always pick the traditional options and are hesitant to switch their ways.

Here is a compiled guide on how to generate solar leads;

Understand your target audience 

It is important to target the demographic that would be most receptive to switching to solar energy. While a region with plenty of sunlight is ideal, not everyone there would be willing to adopt solar energy. 

  • Homeowners can potentially be the primary customers.The amount of hassle it is to run a house is  already tedious, and with rising prices, it is becoming rather stressful for a common man to keep his house running efficiently. Solar energy can be a solution to just that. 
  • Low-income classes—the population that earns a subjectively low income can benefit from the service as it ensures them a stable source of energy and will also enable them to save money spent on electricity.
  • Environment enthusiasts who already understand the implications of using limited resources are highly likely to jump on the solar energy train.
  • Farmers, farming communities and establishments can be persuaded to resort to solar energy to power machinery, irrigation systems, and other operations for better sustainability and cost reduction.

Build an online presence 

SEO increases the changes of your brand Buy Health Insurance Inbound Call Leads to show up in people’s search results. It is imperative that you make sure that all the right keywords were used 

Use social media 

Majority of the population has some sort of social media presence, this makes it a very important platform to target. Here’s how you can use You can use social media for your brand in many ways;

  • Create an attractive page dedicated solely to your brand 
  • Post regularly
  • Create reels which increases the viewer’s engagement 
  • Hop on the trends! This keeps the page relevant and gets people talking 
  • Post about any offers or new launches  

Online advertising

Almost the entire world has access to the internet, if not it is possible that the majority of people are using some online service. Using those platforms to showcase the ad for your brand will highly increase the chance of people seeing it being interested. A few platforms you can use are

  • Facebook
  • Youtube videos 
  • Streaming services 
  • Music apps 


Collaborate with figures that have a pre existing rapport with a fanbase. People are more likely to trust them than trusting an entirely new name.


Try to partner with other brands or NGOs to increase your reach. Brands can forward you to their customers while NGOs can reach even the rural areas .

Email marketing

Having an email is as common as owning a cell phone. Create an email list and update the accounts regularly with new offers, services etc. 

Host workshops 

Workshops do not always require a lot of manpower. Host workings that display models of solar energy generators to educate people. These models are also more fascinating as compared to articles, blogs etc. they also affirm  that illiterate classes can also get interested and are provided with all the knowledge one need to know before becoming a customer.

Advertisements on television and other media 

Televisions are not only used in homes but in waiting rooms, buses, restaurants and many other places. Broadcasting your ad on televisions not only allows it to reach a large population but can also potentially make your brand a household name.

Ads in newspapers and magazines can also push for creating a better reputation.

Live chats

Create live chat portals that lets people reach your team with any doubts or concerns. Immediate resolution of their queries exhibits a genuine concern for your customers on your behalf.

Customer care hotline 

It is possible that some people want verbal reassurance, therefore a hotline that lets them talk to a representative from your team gives them a feeling of being heard forming a personal experience


Permit customers to leave reviews of their experience with you that potential customers can read and trust. Good reviews on googling your business will definitely make people trust you more.


Nothing drives customers more than incentives. Other than the stated service, they are also keen on knowing: how else will this benefit me?

A few incentives you can consider giving are;

  • Personalized offers 
  • Promotion to being a priority customer
  • Newsletters mailed to their addresses regularly 
  • Festival offers and gifts 


It is always nice to know that you are a part of something. Creating memberships that people can join or promoting a customer to a member after certain requirements gives them the feel that they aren’t just a customer anymore. Not only does this strengthen the client relationship but increases the chances of a long term commitment on their end as well. 

Loyalty programs

If a customer has been with you for a while, their loyalty should be awarded. You can do this by giving exclusive add ons and services.

Subsidy programs 

There are chances that even though many customers want to join your venture, they may not have the funds to do the same. Providing subsidies exposes to you masses that could not afford it but now they can.


Sponsor local sport teams or events. This will make your brand a household name.

Referral programs 

Referral programs  encourage customers to promote your brand to their known ones. Provide both parties with special benefits so keep the chain reaction going. Afterall, word of mouth is the best marketing strategy.

Marketing team

Make sure that you hire a well qualified marketing team who;s only aim is to pull in more solar leads. This puts the task in the hands of professionals bearing the best results.

Pushing solar energy to be one of the primary sources of energy globally might just be the most important step towards a better and cleaner world. 


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