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Several programming languages are preferred by product owners and developers for application development. One of them is Python, which has grabbed a lot of attention in the programming world. It was stated as the leading programming language in 2019, defeating Java. Python is highly preferred for mobile application development, Web application development, Artificial Intelligence, Supercomputers, etc.

With the immense growth in data analysis, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, many have selected Python to provide powerful and rich libraries, portability, ease of understanding, and learning syntax.

Why Choose Python For Mobile Application Development?

From the brief understanding of Python, one thing is clear Python is a widely accepted programming language for application development. It brings faster application development and high readability and delivers the product in minimal time to capitalize on the market.

However, Android and iOS don’t support the python language, and it gets difficult to run Python applications natively. But don’t worry, Python has some brilliant frameworks that bridge the gap between Python applications running successfully on mobile native devices.

Advantages of Python For Application Development

Fast development: Python provides fast program execution in the application development process compared to other programming languages. Whenever the program goes through the interpreter and runs directly, it means there’s no error in the code, and it doesn’t require compiling. It saves a lot of development time and eases the process of solving errors.

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Strong Libraries: Python has strong standard libraries that help select a wide range of modules based on your business requirements. It gives an edge over other programming languages. Python also adds additional features to the application, avoiding extra coding.

Strong Community: According to Statista, Python was the third most preferred programming language worldwide in 2021. It continuously updates its features and libraries. Github has 22.9K Folks and 44.4K Starts, proving strong community support. Python can be the ideal choice for app development for small business owners or startups.


Easy To Understand: One of the advantages of Python is that it requires less code compared to programming languages such as C++ and Java. The code used in Python is also very easy to understand as Python relies on common expressions and whitespace.

List Of Popular Python Framework For Application Development

The below part of the blog provides the list of the top highly preferred Python Frameworks for web or mobile application development.

Django: Django is one of the most used Python frameworks as it is an open-source, powerful framework that provides smooth and fast application development. Django brings security, scalability, and flexibility in application development and gives community support of 27K Fork and 63.7K Stars on Github.

Django is so popular that big companies have used it for product development. The list of companies includes Instagram, Spotify, Pinterest, etc.

Flask: Flask can be considered a Python microframework for app development. FLask is a lightweight framework that can provide scalability in complex applications. It also offers some suggestions to increase the quality and performance of the application.

Flask has active community support of 15K Folk and 58.7K Star. Netflix, Linkedin, and Uber are the top companies that have used Flask.

Web2Py: Web2Py is also a popular cross-platform app development framework compatible with various operating systems, including Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux. Web2Py is filled with multiple debuggers that help debug the code to test the applications. It also follows MVC architecture and has an interesting feature that allows generating the ticket wherever the mistake or error has occurred.

Python Application Use Cases ( Industry Wise )

Blockchain Applications: Blockchain has become one of the most trending industries, and business owners always want to take advantage of this opportunity to enter the market for generating business. Developing Blockchain applications is not an easy task. However, Python has played an important role in developing fast and smooth Blockchain applications.

In most cases, developers use the Flask Python framework for developing Blockchain applications. Connect with the most trusted Python development company available in the market if you want to have scalable and reliable app development.

Machine Learning Applications: Machine learning is also a trendy topic this decade, just like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, etc. With the help of Python, libraries such as Pandas and Scikit are used for developing Machine Learning applications. These libraries are free for usage, which is why Python is preferred for Machine Learning development.

Business Applications: Python is so flexible in web and mobile application development that it is used in various industry types. Python has helped create various types of business management applications few of the top examples are Tryton and Odoo. Python allows having effortless, cost-effective application development.


Python has provided remarkable outcomes whenever business owners have chosen for their product development. The growth of Python is going to remain as the market is demanding high-performing applications, especially in the sectors like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. We hope this blog has helped you understand the importance or advantages of Python and why you should choose Python for app development.

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