The Ultimate Guide for Smart Lock Screen | Pros and Cons

guide to smart lock screen apps for smartphones

The lock screen on your Android device serves a dual purpose—it provides essential functionality and holds the key to unlocking a world of convenience and personalisation. While standard lock screens serve their purpose, why settle for mediocrity when you can elevate your unlocking experience to new heights with smart lock screen apps?

In our ever-evolving digital landscape, the lock screen of our smartphones has transformed from a mere barrier to a gateway of infinite possibilities. It is a canvas waiting to be adorned with personalised information, shortcuts, and interactive features that enhance our daily lives. Welcome to the ultimate guide for smart lock screens, where we unravel the captivating world of this often underestimated interface.

This comprehensive exploration will delve into the pros and cons of smart lock screens, shedding light on their remarkable benefits and potential drawbacks. But that’s not all. We will also present you with a curated selection of five exceptional smart lock screen options.

So, if you’re ready to take your lock screen experience to the next level, join us as we delve into the world of smart lock screen apps. Let’s elevate how you engage with your device and unlock a world of convenience and personalisation like never before. 

What Is Smart Lock Screen?

smart lock screen explained

Have you ever wondered if your smartphone’s lock screen could offer more than just a barrier between you and your device? What if it could be transformed into a hub of convenience, personalisation, and enhanced functionality? That’s where the concept of a smart lock screen comes into play.

So, what exactly is a smart lock screen? At its core, a smart lock screen is a feature or application that elevates the traditional lock screen of your smartphone by offering a range of innovative functionalities and customisation options. It goes beyond the basic function of unlocking your device and provides a portal to a world of personalised information, shortcuts, and interactive elements.

Imagine viewing essential notifications at a glance, accessing frequently used apps with a single swipe, or having widgets that provide real-time updates on weather, news, and more—all directly from your lock screen. Smart lock screen apps aim to streamline your smartphone experience, saving time and effort while keeping you informed and connected.

Why Have Smart Lock Screen?

smart lock screen features

In a world where smartphones have become extensions of ourselves, the lock screen plays a crucial role in our daily interactions. But why settle for a standard lock screen when you can embrace the power and advantages of a smart lock screen? Let’s explore why having a smart lock screen is a game-changer for your smartphone experience.

  • Seamless Access to Information on Smart Lock Screen

A smart lock screen acts as an information hub, delivering essential updates and notifications at your fingertips. From weather forecasts and upcoming calendar events to missed calls and message previews, you can effortlessly stay informed without unlocking your device. It’s like having a personalised dashboard that connects you to what matters most.

  • Time-Saving Shortcuts on  Smart Lock Screen

Are you tired of navigating multiple screens to access your frequently used apps? A smart lock screen offers convenient shortcuts that allow you to launch your favourite apps directly from the lock screen, saving you valuable time and simplifying your daily routine. Whether opening your camera, checking your email, or playing your favourite music, these shortcuts put everything you need just a swipe away.

  • Enhanced Productivity with Smart Lock Screen

A smart lock screen becomes a productivity powerhouse with customisable widgets. You can add widgets that display your to-do lists, notes, or fitness progress, helping you stay organised and focused throughout the day. It’s an efficient way to manage tasks, track goals, and boost your productivity levels without unlocking your device or switching between multiple apps.

  • Personalisation and Visual Appeal with Smart Lock Screen

Your smartphone is an extension of your personality, and a smart lock screen allows you to express yourself through customisation. Choose from a wide range of themes, wallpapers, and widgets that match your style and preferences. Whether you prefer minimalist designs, vibrant visuals, or elegant simplicity, a smart lock screen lets you create a visually appealing interface that resonates with your individuality.

  • Interactive and Engaging Experience with Smart Lock Screen

Smart lock screens go beyond static displays. They offer interactive features and gestures that add a layer of engagement to your smartphone usage. From swipe gestures to unlock specific functions to interactive notifications that allow you to take immediate actions, a smart lock screen transforms how you interact with your device, making it more intuitive and enjoyable.

Which Is the Best Smart Lock Screen in 2023?

best smart lock screen apps

In the world of smart lock screens, while the concept of “best” may be subjective, Glance undeniably stands out due to its massive user base of over 230 million users worldwide. This staggering number is a testament to Glance’s widespread appeal and popularity among smartphone users globally.

One of Glance’s key strengths lies in its exceptional integration with leading smartphone companies. Renowned brands such as Redmi, POCO, Xiaomi, Oppo, Samsung, Realme, and Vivo have recognized the value and innovation that Glance brings to the table. The fact that these industry leaders have chosen to integrate Glance speaks volumes about its quality and reliability.

By partnering with these top smartphone manufacturers, Glance ensures its availability and accessibility to a wide range of users. This seamless integration enables Glance to provide a consistent and optimised experience across various devices, irrespective of the brand.

Furthermore, Glance’s massive user base and extensive integration contribute to a thriving ecosystem. The larger the user base, the more valuable the content and services become, creating a virtuous cycle of engagement and improvement. Glance leverages its vast user network to deliver personalised and relevant content, ensuring users stay informed and entertained with minimal effort.

What Is Glance Smart Lock Screen?

Glance smart lock screen

Glance Lock Screen is an India-born remarkable smart lock screen marvel that revolutionises how you interact with your smartphone’s lock screen. Designed to provide swift access to crucial information, Glance empowers you to personalise your lock screen with a wide array of customisable widgets and features, all at your fingertips.

Unlike standalone applications, Glance comes pre-installed on select smartphones, seamlessly integrating into your device’s interface. With Glance, you can effortlessly stay updated on the latest news, sports scores, weather conditions, and notifications without the need to unlock your device. It’s like glancing at the world from your lock screen.

With Glance, your lock screen transforms into an interactive portal, delivering instant information and customisation options that cater to your needs.

What Are the Benefits of Glance Smart Lock Screen?

Glance smart lock screen benefits

Glance is the best smart lock screen because of its exceptional features. The wholesome feature of Glance allows you to discover the experiences designed just for you! The best is you get every update popped onto your lock screen. Here are all the thought-provoking benefits that you cannot afford to miss in Glance:

  • Live entertainment at your fingertips with Glance Smart Lock Screen

Are you a sports fanatic who cannot miss a single match? If yes, Glance can help you keep up with all the matches and other live events! This smart lock screen updates you immediately about any live events of your favourite categories, like sports, entertainment shows, creators’ vlogs, live gaming sessions, and more. You will get every notification about these events on your lock screen only once you enable the Glance lock screen.

  • Get updates as and when they happen with Glance Smart Lock Screen

Being informed about what’s happening in your country will go a long way in enriching knowledge and awareness. Glance smart lock screen lets you know about the latest trends and events without pressing the unlock button. You will get information tailored to your likes and preferences, from business news to political updates. Having all the latest updates on your lock screen saves you time from your busy schedule. 

  • A paradise for gamers only with Glance Smart Lock Screen

If you are a gamer, get ready to feel lucky, as Glance smart lock screen has a lot of fun planned for you! Glance offers more than 500 games to all gaming enthusiasts around the globe. One can access all of these without having to download them or even unlocking their lock screen. Glance also lets you participate in the live streams of the gaming tournaments of top games, along with options to play with other gaming fellows. So, if you are a gamer, Glance is the one to go for an ultimate gaming feast!

  • Shopping experience worth the try on Glance Smart Lock Screen

Glance offers you a fulfilling shopping that may not be found elsewhere! It is perfect for people who wish to shop after a long and tiring day without having to download a single shopping app on their device. The Glance smart lock screen provides valuable information on the latest trends and deals via its notification. You can even shop from the direct store or brands like Ek by Ekta Kapoor. This smart lock also lets you compare the deals of the same product from different providers to run a cost-benefit analysis of your favourite products. 

What Is a Smart Lock Screen Protector?smart lock screen protector

A new guardian has emerged in mobile security—the smart lock screen protector. As we increasingly rely on mobile devices, safeguarding our privacy and sensitive information is paramount. Enter the smart lock screen protector, a specialised tool to fortify your device’s lock screen with an impenetrable security shield.

Gone are the days of relying solely on the default lock screen provided by your device’s operating system. The smart lock screen protector takes security to new heights, offering advanced features and authentication methods to ensure only authorised individuals can access your device.

Picture this: a sophisticated fingerprint or facial recognition system that seamlessly integrates with your lock screen, rendering it virtually impenetrable to unauthorised access. With a simple touch or glance, you unlock a world of security where your data remains shielded from prying eyes.

But the smart lock screen protector doesn’t stop there. It goes beyond authentication to provide an additional layer of security. Imagine an intruder detection feature that swiftly detects multiple failed unlock attempts, triggering an alert or capturing a photo of the unauthorised individual. This powerful combination of technology and vigilance offers protection that goes above and beyond the ordinary.

Your privacy is invaluable, and the smart lock screen protector acts as your unwavering guardian, diligently shielding your sensitive information from potential threats. It acts as a fortress, ensuring your data remains secure, even in the face of sophisticated hacking attempts.

What Are the Pros of Having a Smart Lock Screen?

smart lock screen pros

Having a smart lock screen on your device offers a multitude of advantages that elevate your smartphone experience to new heights. Let’s explore the pros of having a smart lock screen and why it’s a game-changer for your device:

  • A smart lock screen streamlines your interaction with your device, providing quick access to vital information like app notifications, news updates, etc.,  without fully unlocking it.
  • Smart lock screens offer enhanced security through features like fingerprint or facial recognition, pattern/PIN locks, and password protection, ensuring device and data safety and providing peace of mind against unauthorised access.
  • Smart lock screens offer convenient shortcuts to frequently used apps, providing instant access and saving time.

What Are the Cons of Having a Smart Lock Screen?

smart lock screen cons

While smart lock screens offer numerous benefits, it’s important to consider some potential drawbacks. Here are a few cons to keep in mind:

  • Smart lock screen apps with dynamic features can consume more battery power due to continuous content updates and notifications, resulting in faster drain—however, smart lock screens like Glance offer battery-saving features to optimise your device’s battery usage.
  • As with any software application, smart lock screen apps can experience occasional bugs, stability issues, or lack of timely updates. Some apps may be discontinued or receive infrequent updates.
  • Switching from a traditional lock screen to a smart lock screen may require some adjustment and familiarisation with new features and customisation options. Depending on the complexity of the chosen smart lock screen, it may take some time to explore and utilise all the available functionalities fully.

5 Options to Have for Smart Lock Screen!

best smart lock screen apps options

Let’s unveil the top five smart lock screen options you should consider incorporating into your smartphone’s lock screen setup. Let’s explore the possibilities and unlock a world of convenience and protection at your fingertips!

  • Glance Smart Lock Screen

Glance smart lock screen

Glance is the ultimate smart lock screen on Android devices that is pre-built to ensure a customised experience for users from the beginning. This smart lock screen is available in regional languages like Hindi, English, Telugu, Bengali, etc. 

Glance allows users to get a dose of entertainment by gaining access to shopping, live-streaming, gaming, getting updates, and much more. This smart lock screen first came into existence in 2019, and ever since then, it has revolutionised the working of the static lock screen in all advanced ways.

The top-notch visual appeal of Glance will make your lock screen look opulent and aesthetic every time you check your phone. The Glance screen is in the lock screen of Android devices like MI, Realme, Oppo, Samsung, or Vivo to enhance the look and feel of the lock screen for the users. This smart lock screen has almost 230 million users using the Glance screen daily. The secret to delivering such a personalised experience lies in Glance’s top-notch artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques.

  • CM Locker Smart Lock Screen App

CM Locker smart lock screen

Highly recommended by users, CM Locker is a feature-rich smart lock screen that combines security, efficiency, and convenience. With its sleek design and impressive functionality, CM Locker revolutionises your device interaction for a seamless user experience.

One standout feature is its slide-to-unlock function, offering an elegant gesture-based unlocking similar to the iconic iOS lock screen. Accessing your apps and content becomes effortless with a simple swipe. Beyond style, CM Locker enhances device performance with its power-saving feature. It identifies battery-draining apps from the lock screen, optimising power usage for extended periods without compromising performance.

Security is a priority, and CM Locker offers multiple device and data protection options. Choose a traditional PIN or pattern lock to suit your preferences and ensure secure access.

Are you worried about unauthorised access attempts? CM Locker’s intruder alert captures discreet photos of failed unlock attempts, providing evidence and peace of mind. 

But CM Locker goes beyond security. Seamlessly integrated features enhance daily life, directly allowing message viewing, music control, and weather checking from the lock screen. CM Locker’s no-nonsense approach empowers efficient device management while keeping it secure.

  • Hi Locker Smart Lock Screen App

Hi Locker smart lock screen app

When it comes to unlocking the full potential of your lock screen, Hi Locker shines as a top contender, offering a plethora of customisation options and quick app access in a sleek and intuitive interface. With its CyanogenMod-style quick launcher, the Hi Locker smart lock screen app revolutionises how you interact with your favourite apps from the lock screen.

One of the standout features of the Hi Locker smart lock screen app is its quick launcher functionality, inspired by CyanogenMod. By simply holding and swiping over to one of your favourite apps, you can instantly open it from the lock screen, saving you precious time and providing effortless access to your most-used applications.

But Hi Locker doesn’t stop there. It offers a variety of lock screen styles to cater to your taste. Choose between the Lollipop, classic, or iOS style, each providing a unique visual experience that suits your preferences and complements the overall look of your device.

In addition to the stylish lock screen options, Hi Locker dedicates a separate screen to your calendar, ensuring you never miss an important event. With a glance, you can easily view upcoming appointments and stay organised throughout your day.

  • LokLok Smart Lock Screen App

LokLok smart lock screen app

Looking for a unique and engaging way to connect with your friends? Look no further than LokLok, an innovative app that transforms your lock screen into a canvas for creativity and communication. With LokLok, you can draw on your lock screen and send your creations as messages to friends with the app installed. The best part? They can modify and send your drawing back to you, creating a captivating back-and-forth experience.

LokLok brings a refreshing twist to lock screens by turning them into interactive artwork and communication platforms. Whether you’re a talented artist or want to doodle and have fun, LokLok lets you quickly unleash your creativity. Express yourself through drawings and messages, or even surprise your friends with funny sketches directly on the lock screen.

This delightful app thrives on the collaborative aspect, where your friends’ involvement adds an extra layer of enjoyment. As your creations appear on their lock screens, they can modify and respond, leading to an ongoing exchange of imaginative visuals and messages.

While LokLok offers a free trial, you can enhance your experience with optional in-app purchases. Explore additional features like sticker packs to add flair and personality to your drawings, taking your lock screen interactions to the next level.

  • AcDisplay Smart Lock Screen App


AcDisplay smart lock screen app

When it comes to achieving a sleek and minimalist lock screen experience, AcDisplay smart lock screen app sets itself apart from the crowd. With its elegant design and intuitive functionality, AcDisplay strikes the perfect balance between simplicity and advanced features, making it a top choice for users seeking an efficient and uncluttered lock screen experience.

One of AcDisplay’s standout features is its unobtrusive notification system. Instead of overwhelming your screen with a flood of notifications, small icons discreetly appear to represent incoming alerts. By holding your finger on one of these icons, you can instantly view the notification in more detail, ensuring you never miss critical updates.

AcDisplay smart lock screen takes user convenience to the next level by leveraging your device’s sensors. By intelligently detecting whether your device is in use or safely tucked away in your pocket, AcDisplay ensures that the screen switches on and off accordingly. This smart feature enhances usability and optimises power consumption, providing an efficient and seamless user experience.


In this comprehensive guide, we have explored the world of smart lock screens, uncovering their numerous advantages and potential drawbacks. Smart lock screens will likely evolve with new features and improvements as technology advances. Keeping an eye on emerging trends and user feedback can help you stay up-to-date and make the most of the latest advancements in lock screen technology.

Whether you prioritise convenience, security, or personalisation, smart lock screens offer a world of possibilities to enhance your device usage. Embrace the power of smart lock screens, unlock new levels of efficiency and security, and embark on a journey of seamless interaction with your digital world. The power is in your hands – or rather, on your lock screen!


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