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UK Jeans For Men in Wholesale

UK Jeans

UK Jeans for men in wholesale are a fashion staple and we stock a huge range of styles to suit any outfit. From slim stretch to straight jeans, there’s something for every occasion. The narrowest fitting jeans are skinny jeans, which hug the legs from thigh to ankle and work well with boots.


These skinny jeans hug the leg from thigh to ankle in an incredibly flattering way. They have been the favored jean style of many men for some time now and are available in all manner of colors, patterns and washes to suit every taste. Some even have a small amount of elastane blended in to keep them looking form-fitting and easy to move in.

Skinny jeans are a staple for any denim lover and will look great when paired with shoes, boots or trainers. They can also be worn as a smarter option with a blazer or sweater on top. You can find a wide range of slim and skinny jeans from brands like So Denim and UrbanFit Ltd that are available in wholesale sizes to keep your team fully kitted out with the latest fashions at a price you can afford.


Our skinny jeans are incredibly flattering, hugging the legs from thigh to ankle, and they’ve been the go-to choice for fashion-conscious men for some time now. They often contain a small amount of elastane in the fabric, which means they’re not too tight and still easy to get on and off, especially after a long day at work.

Slim jeans are a little narrower than skinny ones, although they still leave a bit of wiggle room around the knee. They’re ideal for those who want a skinny fit but aren’t as form-following, and they can often be worn with trainers or shoes.

If you’re looking for a relaxed style, we also have straight jeans in bulk, which are the same width from the thighs down to the calves and shins. They’re ideal for those who need a bit more space for footwear and might be better suited to staff who will be moving around a lot or wearing boots at work. They’re also super affordable, with discounts kicking in at 20, 50 and 100 pairs of the same style ordered.


Next up on our UK Jeans for men in wholesale are slim jeans, which are slightly narrower than skinny and hug the legs from thigh to ankle without being too tight. This is a great choice for people who find skinny jeans too form-fitting or want a little more room in their denim, and it’s still super flattering, especially when worn with boots or trainers. We have some great brands in stock that make slim jeans that look and feel amazing, so shop with us today and add a smart, contemporary clothing option to your range. Bulk orders get better prices, so order in 20, 50 or 100 pairs and save.

This article was originally written for Merkandi and has been updated.

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Our bootcut jeans are also known as straight jeans and offer a comfortable silhouette, fitting comfortably around the hips and thighs with plenty of room for shoes or boots on the calves and shins. They’re a good option if you’re after a more relaxed look or need to kit out your team in workwear that will be comfortable for moving around in, but don’t compromise on style. Brands like So Denim and Skinnifit have mastered the art of creating jeans that are flattering and stylish without recognizable logos, so you can rest assured you’re getting quality denim at a great price point.

It’s easy to build a casual team with our selection of UK blue Jeans for men in wholesale, with next day delivery on orders before 3pm during the working week (busy periods might see it slip to two days). Browse our collection online around the clock, put together your favorites and order your business clothing in bulk whenever you need. There’s free delivery on all orders over PS99 too, so you can keep your costs down while still creating an incredible outfit for your team.

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