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UK Fintech Lanistar Announce The Lanistar Fundraising Campaign

Fintech company Lanistar has announced its Lanistar Fundraising Campaign which will be operated by Nextfin (a part of Business Agent Limited).  Lanistar found itself in the headlines a lot earlier this year and saw significant growth in popularity. Lanistar is a social media-orientated fintech firm that offers a new banking platform. The company has developed a polymorphic payment card that enables you to put up to eight cards onto one card. 

Lanistar has 1 million pre-registered users in its first 9 months pre-launch with a significant social media following.  To give you a comparison in its first year of trading N26 had 200,000 users and is now valued at roughly $9 billion, and Monzo had 50,000 users with a valuation of $2 billion. Lanistar aims to issue 9 million cards globally in the first year of trading and states it seeks to issue a further 15 million in year two as a comparison, N26 have 7 million customers after 7-8 years whereas Lanistar aspires to obtain more than this in just 2 years! 

The company is launching its Fundraise pre-registration campaign on Monday the 15th of November 2021, 18.00 GMT, this is being offered to an exclusive set of investors, with the Fundraise Campaign date planned for 29th of November 2021 at 12.00 GMT. With this exclusive offering, Lanistar is hoping these potential investors will be attracted to their already significant results. The company has roughly 3000 influencers taking part in a marketing programme and the outcomes have been impressive. For example, Lanistar already has an impressive 257k followers on Instagram that they gained in the last year compared to a popular Fintech company, Monzo who have gained 63k followers over the course of 7 years.

Lanistar believes this is a unique opportunity to own a part of Lanistar before its launch, and shares will undoubtedly be high in demand. Additionally, they have revealed that the funds will be used for product innovation and global expansion. The company added:

We have had our challenges in 2021 that is for sure, but the continued dedication of our team and support of both Social Influencers and Customers has got us to the point of launch in Brazil and the UK while continuing to increase our pre-launch customer base.  These are exciting times, and this fundraise will be the fuel to drive us forward through launch and toward our aim to become a global presence in the payment card market.”

Watch this space!


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