UK Financial partners with Renowned PR Firm Blonde 2.0 for its Maya Preferred 223, Maya Coin and Fantasy Sports tokens

Blonde 2.0

The collaboration between UK Financial LTD and Blonde 2.0 aims to help elevate the company’s status and credibility in the blockchain market. Collaboration between organizations is a strategic move that enables the participants to perform their expertise and support each other. In today’s cutthroat corporate environment, a firm cannot have a broad aspect of expertise. To counter that, two or more firms, with different specialities, create alliances and work together towards their goals and objectives.

Crypto Creator and PR Specialists

Working on the principle of collaboration, Blonde 2.0 is proud to announce that it has partnered with UK Financial. UK Financial is a British crypto holding company that invests in all types of crypto assets. Blonde 2.0 PR is a leading public relations company that has a vast and in depth experienced team to cater for a wide variety of cutting edge technology companies, with a special focus on cryptocurrency and blockchain industries.

The collaboration of UK Financial with Blonde 2.0 will see the PR firm helping the crypto creator and holdings company in all of its upcoming crypto related events. New announcements, updates and new product launches of UK Financial will be announced through the Blonde 2.0 platform.

Motti Peer, CEO of Blonde 2.0, was excited for the partnership;

“We are thrilled to be adding another huge player in the crypto space to our roster of clients,” and “We are the top crypto and blockchain PR firm in the world, and thus, we are looking forward to seeing what magic we can create with the UK Financial team.”

Maya Coin & Maya 223

UK Financial is the creator of the Maya 223 Preferred Token (MAPR). MAPR is based on the Ethereum Classic blockchain, using the ERC23 standard. The token basically acts as a monetary tool for international transfer of money and value. Unlike many cryptocurrencies that tout themselves as being currency or store of value, Maya 223 is a digital token that is actually backed by physical assets. A substantial value of gold and silver has been invested in by UK Financial, not only backing the Maya 223, but also removing the volatility that cryptocurrencies are notorious for.

Maya Coin is another crypto asset launched by UK Financial. Like the Maya 223, Maya Coin is another crypto token that represents monetary value. But in this case, the digital currency represents real life physical assets, such as real estate, digital shares of existing companies, patents and much more. With companies that decide to shift to the digital age of securities, Maya Coin is a perfect tool for them to float their shares on, making it cheaper for them to issue and allowing investors to easily acquire a percentage of the ownership of a company, whether new, blockchain oriented or just a traditional existing firm.

Recent Developments

UK Financial has been active the past few months, creating strategic moves that is helping to advance the use of Maya Coin and Maya 223. 

  • FatBTC Listing: MAPR, or Maya 223, was successfully listed on FatBTC cryptocurrency exchange on 16th of March, 2019. Launched with an initial price of USD 1500, it quickly grew to USD 2900 in less than a week.
  • Cat.ex Listing: Following the success of Maya 223, the Maya Coin was also listed on a crypto exchange, this time Cat.ex. The coin was launched with an initial price of USD 1.
  • Digital Fantast Sports Acquisition: UK Financial invested in Digital Fantasy Sports, a crypto token aimed for the fantasy sports industry. UK Financial has a 51% stake in the firm and with the acquisition, all the DFS coins are now backed in MAPR.
  • MAPR Backing: Last summer, UK Financial transferred an astounding 21 million MAPR to the exchange, an amount equal to the entire number of Bitcoin tokens that will be ever created.
  • MTKS Launch: MTKS is a project that simplifies the process of launching blockchain projects and reduces barriers of entry in the crypto sphere.
  • MYEX: UK Financial is also planning to launch its own crypto exchange, the MYEX. 

CEO and Co-founder of UK Financial, James Dahlke, is confident on the progress the firm and its coins have made so far, with elation at the partnership with Blonde 2.0;

“It’s been nearly a year since we first launched the Maya 223 Preferred Coin, and we’ve already experienced impressive partnerships and growth. However, the Maya 223 is not showing signs of slowing down anytime soon. We already have a market cap that exceeds Bitcoin’s, and we have the capabilities to completely revolutionize the crypto-world, making mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency a reality. We are excited to begin our work with Blonde 2.0, as this partnership will only elevate our goals in the crypto space.”

Blonde 2.0 will become an integral part of the UK Financial setup, with its PR and professional services catering to an important part of the crypto holding and creator.

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