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When Bitcoin was launched, not many envisaged it would grow beyond their expectations and pave the way for the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency. Crypto enthusiasts and investors are looking forward to a point where cryptocurrency becomes a daily use case like fiat currency and debit/credit cards, and there are different indications that the time is now, as there are some crypto cards in circulation at the moment, and even though the innovation is new, it is amazing to see new improvements coming to the industry. 

At Uberstate we recently launched the Uberstate Card. Our goal was to present a very easy bridge to spend crypto on daily expenses. With the card, you can make your crypto deposits, and when you make purchases using the card, it automatically converts your crypto funds into the amount required in fiat currency at the point of sale.

Basically, when you make crypto deposits, it stores them as crypto (unlike most other supposed crypto cards), and you are in total control of your funds, and there’s no need to bother about third party interferences. Furthermore, your Uberstate Card can be used on different platforms including Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay among others.

The idea of Uberstate is to cover a mainstream use of crypto in real world situations just the way traditional credit/debit cards are used daily.

Recent Developments

Uberstate’s RIT 2.0 just got listed on Bitmart exchange, and that is an indication of good times ahead for Uberstate, considering that Bitmart was advertised on NASDAQ’s iconic LED display in Times Square. Furthermore, an application is in the works to help people perform seamless transactions while on the move, and thus providing users with a Fintech solution that meets their daily spending needs.

The white glove OTC service of the platform is picking up at an unprecedented rate, and the company is looking to expand its business tentacles in Dubai, and this is due new interests and partnerships within the region. Uberstate is strategically positioning itself for future partnerships.

Uberstate Aims For Crypto Adoption

As part of the drive to improve its innovation and achieve milestones on its roadmap, there are so many marketing initiatives for the future. One of them is to launch an ad on NASDAQ’s LED display in Times Square as Bitmart did. Uberstate will also start advertising campaigns in the metaverse on Superworld where Uberstate will start acquiring virtual land with its own token and offer customers staking options to get returns like they would in conventional real estate. Furthermore, Uberstate aims to make transactions easier for everyone, as well as drive the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency for every minute use.

It is interesting to see such innovations spring up in the Fintech industry, and Uberstate looks like it is going to do a good job of helping people adopt cryptocurrency for everyday use, as well as provide different finance solutions that will help users on the road to financial and economic independence.

Uberstate will start advertising campaigns in the metaverse on Superworld to buy real estate with our currency so customers can stake and get returns like they would in conventional real estate.

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