U.S Based E-Commerce Company INC Reveals CEO

The nascent global e-commerce company, INC. proudly appoints one of its key people.

Stanley Park who participated in Buyaladdin application development will be entrusted as the Buyaladdin CEO. Together with a fellow American corporate leader on the executive board, Buyaladdin CEO Stanley will manage the global operations of, INC. He has previously led the public live demonstration of Buyaladdin’s application at the Rockefeller Center in New York City last July 16, 2019.

Buyaladdin intends to be the first multi-payment online retailer that would give opportunities to customers across borders with a variety of merchandise and opens up a more secure and accessible means of payment method — cryptocurrency. More than 100 online shopping malls will be integrated within the Buyaladdin application once it is launched. Major e-commerce brands like Amazon, Rakuten, Lazada, and eBay will be a part of the one-stop online shopping marketplace.

Targeting 100 million users, Buyaladdin designed its application to be simple, user-friendly, and efficient. The main features of the Buyaladdin application include price comparison from one shop to another, location-sensitive online retailer recommendations, quick join function to easily sign up for an account on any integrated online retailers, and the fiat-to-crypto mileage points system. Upon checkout, shoppers can choose to pay with their Bitcoin, Ethereum, or ABBC Coin. 

Shoppers can conveniently purchase goods from the Buyaladdin app using their crypto and fiat currencies. Buyaladdin users can purchase in-app mileage points and convert these to crypto, specifically ABBC Coin. In this context, 100 mileage points are equivalent to 1 ABBC. ABBC Coin consumers will then get exclusive benefits to make their shopping experience more enhanced and delightful. 

Buyaladdin will serve as a safe payment gateway with 50% of ABBC Coin’s total supply — amounting to 500 million — obtainable within the app. The ABBC Coin circulating supply within the application is not subject to trading or withdrawal. It will be strictly allotted as payment for all online purchases that will be conducted within the Buyaladdin app. With this approach, users will be able to use ABBC Coin in their daily life; bringing better value to ABBC Coin. 

Excluded to the circulating supply available on digital asset exchanges, ABBC Foundation will conform to the rest of ABBC Coin’s total supply by leveraging the capability of its Generation 2 Delegated-Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) powered blockchain in performing the staking process. 

Registered and licensed in Delaware, USA, Buyaladdin recently established strategic partnerships with Edison Nation and Overstock

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