Types of Projector

There was a time when the use of the big screen was rare. But with the advent of technology and the rise of excellence, everything seems to be changing. People now like to watch movies on the big projection screen.

Now projectors have become indispensable for watching movies at home or for the presentation of anything in the office, school, or college. And considering the needs and demands of the people, different companies are regularly researching and inventing new types of projectors. 

Types of Projector

Various projectors are currently available depending on technology, display property, and applications. Once a time, a CRT projector was very much used. But now, many digital projectors are being shown in the market.

DLP Projector, LCD Projector, LED Projector, LCOS Projector, CRT Projector, 4K Projector, Nebula Projector, Film Projector, Laser Projector, Light Projector, and Pocket Projector are some of the popular types of the projector. Let’s learn some crucial and short details of those projectors.

There are many types of projectors depending on the structure, display, image display quality, size, price, and quality. If you want to know more details, including the cost of these different types of projectors mentioned above, then visit Projector Guider.

Those who will use it for personal needs in their home need one type of projector, while others need another kind of projector for office or educational institutions. Some require different update features, some need portable size, some need a little cheaper, and some need a projector in a combination of these.

However, there is no reason to worry because the manufacturers have brought different types of projectors to the market for all these reasons.

CRT Projector

CRT projector is generally a video projecting device. A lens is kept in front of a cathode ray tube that focuses the image and makes it bigger to provide on a big projection screen.

Due to its huge structure, CRT projectors are basically not to carry from one place to another easily. But CRT projector provides excellent quality images. And so that people like to use it before coming advanced technology.

LCD Projector

LCD projectors are the advanced technology projectors that come after CRT projectors. We already know that LCD means Liquid Crystal Display, and it’s used on this type of projector to provide a large image on the projection screen.

LCD projection devices are small in size and portable as there is no tube-like CRT projector. LCD projectors became very popular later with CRT projectors, and their use increased everywhere.

DLP Projector

DLP projector is one f the best type of digital projectors. DLP projector means Digital Light Processing Projector, which uses small mirrors reflecting light on the projection screen. A physical color wheel is included in the settings that spin to generate sequential colors.

Generally red, blue, and green, these three chips are used in DLP projectors, but they can also be single chips. DPL projectors are very suitable for classrooms, meeting rooms, and conference halls.

4K Projector

A 4K resolution structured projector is called a 4k projector. It provides a 4K resolution image on a big screen. You can connect a 4K projector with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and USB and have inbuilt DLP display technology while it has a USB Hardware Interface. In the present days, 4K projectors are the most wanted and costly big screen.

Video Projector

Usually, people now pass their leisure time by watching various videos like TV shows, sports events, and many other shows—video projectors are the best medium to enjoy any videos on the big screen. Video projectors are the most bought big screen at the current time.

You will get HD, LED, LCD, and 4k resolution facilities in Video Projector so that you can easily enjoy any videos on the big screen through a video projector.

Light Projector

The light projector is quite different from the other types of projectors. Generally, while a projector is used to display images, a light projector is used for home decoration purposes. Usually, people use the light projector in their smart home. It has voice control, timers, and speakers facilities.

Laser Projector

Laser projectors are structured by laser beams, creating images and objects by changing the laser beams. It is the best type of projector to use for educational purposes.

Projector TV

Projector TV is an amazing thing that can provide you with superb facilities. After connecting a TV projector with your TV set, you can watch everything you watch on TV. But in projectors, big screen with 4K resolution and good sound quality.

Laser Light Projector

The laser light emitters use to display videos or images on a laser light projector. It can provide special effects, lighting, house decor, project images, and videos. This type of projector is portable, affordable, and lightweight.

Mini Projector

Mini projectors are the small version of projectors. With all its facilities, it is portable, affordable, and small. This type of miniature version of projectors is now the most demanded in the marketplace.

Nebula Projector

Usually, Nebula Projectors is one kind of mini projector. It is also a portable projector that typically works in three different systems. It is so popular for its ability to multitask.

Sometimes the nebula projectors work as a standalone projector, where apps can be downloaded and streamed right through with a Wi-Fi connection. They are available wireless and sometimes wired with HDMI Cable.

Nebula Projectors has inbuilt speakers and a resolution of 1080 pixels. Generally, it is uncommon to see an inbuilt speaker system in projectors. Nebula Projectors can be easily marked as one of the best projectors in the world for those highlighted features.

You will also get Android Features and many other useful features of nebula projectors. If someone wants to buy an affordable projector with a lot of excellent features and is also lightweight and portable, then the Nebula projector is the most suitable.


The projector is one of the useful inventions of the 21st century. This projector fulfills the desire to view pictures or videos on the big screen. Previously there were a few types of projectors in the brand. But now you are getting many kinds of projectors per your need.

Today, anyone can easily get the feeling of Cineplex sitting at home. Take any of the above projectors to your home and visit to enjoy the movie on the big screen.

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