TWO TWO Gallery Releases NFT Art with Jimi Hendrix, Nick Walker, Emmy-Award Winner Alan Tietel and more


By reimagining the relationship between artists and the community, TWO TWO has revolutionized the art industry. Its official NFT launch employs big-time names like Alan Tietel, an Emmy-Award winner. His ‘Match and Arrow’ art pieces, along with other artists’ work, have been tokenized and are up for sale as NFTs.

The US-based gallery seeks to smash boundaries between physical and digital art, new and renowned artists, and further close the gap between the artist and his or her community. TWO TWO states that its goal is to give art collectors and fans the opportunity to change art from physical works into an all-encompassing experience. This is done by transcending the traditional relationship between artist and patron, creating a truly organic and vibrant dynamic.

Co-Founder of TWO TWO, Avron Goss said, “For too long, the elite have controlled art access through exclusive art galleries and auction houses. TWO TWO merges real and virtual art galleries with DeFi (decentralized finance) to enable the community to be the gallery and have direct access to established and emerging artistic talent.” 

Funding a New Generation of Artists across the Globe

Through decentralized finance (DeFi), TWO TWO seeks to create a community-driven multinational art industry that funds artists and their works. This is facilitated by an ecosystem that uses the TWO TWO governance token, X22 to  implement physical art sales, NFT art, and integrates liquidity pools and staking.

X22 tokens allows holders to become “the gallery” by granting them voting rights on the DAO and special access to exclusive art deals. They will also be used for NFT marketing to TWO TWO and other galleries. The TWO TWO Foundation will run a “buy back and lock up” scheme that uses earnings from NFT marketing to buy back and hold X22 tokens in the Treasury.

To summarise, X22 tokens are used for:

  • Governance: Allowing voting on the DAO. Each X22 token represents one vote, empowering the community with democratic control over the system.
  • Staking: X22 tokens can be staked and will gain yields from staking pools, NFT and Art sales.
  • Buy Back and Make: A part of NFT and Art sales will be used to repurchase X22 tokens on the open market in order to boost staking rewards. It will also provide tokens to liquidity providers and ensure reserves are built up in the treasury as insurance.
  • Membership fees for galleries to obtain marketing access to the X22 community.
  • Stability Fees of art loans: Loans will be partially repaid in X22 tokens.
  • Self-service NFT minting.
  • Participation in emerging Artist funds.

Real-World Use for the X22 Art Token

Co-Founder and Strategist of TWO TWO, Steven Meistrich feels that “[be]cause we have real world uses for X22 and are going to be reaching the art world as well as the crypto community worldwide, we believe that we will be creating strong demand for X22 outside of established crypto users.”

“Art speaks to us all,” adds Stacey Maites, Curator and Co-Founder. “The TWO TWO X22 token is a natural extension of its language.”

TWO TWO’s team of Co-founders touts TWO TWO as a disruption in the art space, a change in the relationship between artist and patron by creating a truly unique value proposition with the help of DeFi and NFT tech. With a token economy built around community-driven art choices, this transcends mere voting on a DAO, instead, giving communities a direct incentive to be vested in the artistic creations.

A system of physical galleries, digital galleries and DeFi, TWO TWO builds a resilient business model with diverse sovereign and independent income streams. In addition, TWO TWO will connect the community with artists whose fame and works transcend time and space, like Emmy-Award winner Alan Tietel, unprinted negatives of the legendary Jimi Hendrix, the art of Nick Walker and many others.


Oversubscribed Seed Investment

TWO TWO boasts an incredible line-up of seed investors like AU21, LVT Capital, Wings Ventures, Kosmos, Twin Apex Capital, Magnus Capital, Alphabit Fund, GAINS, BSCPad, Top7 ICO, MantraDAO, CryptoDiffer, DuckDAO, Moonwalker, DEFIED, Kyros Ventures, Berezka Ventures, Kultivated Capital, ZBS Capital,Kosmos, Spykefast, Squares Capital, SportsIcon and more. They have raised an oversubscribed seed investment of more than USD 1.5 million. 

Moving forward with its development, TWO TWO will announce more artist collaborations, partnerships, various NFT art drops as well as several high-level announcements in upcoming weeks. Presently, TWO TWO is implementing a community campaign to acquaint the crypto community with its platform. At month end, TWO TWO plans on listing its X22 tokens on a few other exchanges and also launch an IDO (Initial DEX Offering).

TWO TWO plans on listing its X22 tokens

About TWO TWO 

TWO TWO is the world’s first Interactive Art Gallery combining NFT with DeFi. It resides contemporaneously within the convergence of the actual and the virtual. The work of visionary, established and emerging artists, is merged with multi-dimensional technology, to promulgate co-existence with illustrative imagination.

Partnering with Syncretism Ventures Worldwide, the first TWO TWO Gallery will be located within Resorts World Las Vegas, the city’s most sumptuous, unique and innovative property, scheduled to open in June, 2021.

Yet, TWO TWO also inhabits the imagination. The patented immersive technology emulates the emotional stimuli and translates the experience to any mobile device. From actual to virtual to actual, the transcendental circle is complete.

From Warhol to Mr. Brainwash, from Basquiat to Banksy, TWO TWO exhibits rigorously curated Pop, Urban, Graffiti and Street Art.

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