Twitter Pup Frenzy: Floki and Baby Floki Soaring After New Twitter CEO Appointment

Twitter Pup Frenzy: Floki and Baby Floki Soaring After New Twitter CEO Appointment

The famous billionaire cryptocurrency supporter, legendary ‘Dogefather’ and twitter CEO has once again grabbed the attention of the internet with his eccentric tweets from 15th February, in which he referred to his pet dog called Floki.

The recent Shiba Inu themed tweet showing Floki as the CEO of twitter sent canine meme coins to the moon, sparking speculations amongst traders about the possible end of the FTX-induced crypto winter and the beginning of the next meme coin season.

This curious tweet seemingly announced the appointment of Floki as the new CEO with a caption stating ‘So much better than that other guy!’ and it hinted to the less-than-amazing performance of the previous head of the company. Two further tweets praised Floki’s excellent skills with numbers and his great fashion style. While opinions online seem to be divided as to which CEO exactly this enigmatic comment referred to (the current or the previous one), one thing beyond doubt was the immediate impact of those tweets on Doge, Shiba Inu, Floki and the ‘baby’ versions of those meme coins.

The internet frenzy that followed Floki tweets included humorous comments and jokes about twitter being ‘in good paws’ or the current CEO ‘doging the question’ about who the new boss will be. Twitter users largely indulged the tech mogul’s sense of humour and eagerly participated in the lively conversation on twitter with funny comments, photoshopped images and GIFs around Floki as the CEO.

Unsurprisingly, Dogecoin, which is unofficially labelled amongst internet users and crypto traders as ‘the favourite cryptocurrency of twitter’ has benefited from Floki’s exposure. Within 24h the traded volume of Dogecoin has more than doubled and the price surged to $0.089223, marking a 6.4% increase.

Interestingly, a smaller canine themed token called FLOKI has recorded much higher gains than DOGE. The timing of the series of tweets featuring Floki as twitter’s new CEO coincided with the listing of FLOKI meme coin on KuCoin on 17th February 2023.

Launched in 2021 and named after the famous tech mogul’s Shiba Inu pet, over time $FLOKI token developed a strong community, committed developers’ team and sophisticated utility. Floki’s advanced ecosystem includes play-to-earn Valhalla, FlokiFi decentralized finance, NFT collections and merchandise and an educational platform and it makes Floki an established and reputable project in the meme coin crypto space. The speculation around meme coin season starting, which was prompted by the Floki as CEO tweet boosted Floki’s price by 1800% within 48h and at the time of writing, the token price was holding up at $0.00005456.

Some of the most exponential gains related to Floki tweets have been accumulated by the ‘baby’ versions of canine meme coins. For example, Baby Doge recorded a 6.6% increase in price within 24h and Baby Shiba gained 10% in the same period. However, it appears that a newer and smaller community project offered an opportunity for a significantly higher ROI and crypto traders flocked to Baby Floki over the last few days. Baby Floki was launched in 2021 and it began as a meme coin project with a charitable cause, before developing into a more advanced and sophisticated project. Currently Baby Floki features a strong community of supporters, DOGE rewards for holders and a collection of Shiba Inu pup NFTs.

Baby Floki token attracted a lot of attention with the volume increasing 159x after the new Floki tweets. The token has also recorded a huge price surge of approximately 20x within the first 24h from the broadcast of the first Floki CEO tweet, apparently making Baby Floki one of the top gainers in the recent meme coin market craze set off by the famous twitter CEO and crypto enthusiast.

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Company name:  The Baby Floki LLC

Contact person name: Riley Park

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City and country name: Wyoming, USA

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