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Twin Brothers Ameen and Mobeen Younas: Pioneering Innovation in Healthcare and Digital Marketing

Ameen Younas works at The Physio Club, where he helps people feel better when they’re hurt or unwell. He’s really good at his job, and people appreciate his help a lot. Besides working in healthcare, Ameen loves working on the internet. He’s created two cool projects called Zerocric, which is all about cricket, and, a service that helps people in Riyadh with different kinds of jobs they need done.

Mobeen, Ameen’s twin brother, is also awesome at making businesses stand out on the internet. He knows how to make sure when people search for something in Google, they find the businesses he helps. Mobeen Younas has started two projects named APPIFire and RiyadhVolt. APPIFire is about making fun apps and games, and RiyadhVolt is the same project Ameen works on, helping people in Riyadh.

Both brothers loved technology and helping others since they were young. Ameen chose to learn about helping people heal and also got into digital marketing because he was curious about the internet. Mobeen studied soil science and agriculture, but his love for learning led him into digital marketing too.

Their projects, APPIFire and RiyadhVolt, show how much they want to use technology to make life better and more fun for people. They’re really committed to their work, blending their skills in caring for people and helping businesses grow online.

Ameen and Mobeen show us that if you’re passionate and work hard, you can do great things in different areas. They help people get better, make businesses successful online, and bring new, fun technologies to life. They inspire everyone to follow their dreams and use their talents to help others and make the world a better place.

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