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Tvidler Reviews

The human body is complex and full of pathogen sustaining agents, the body is an ideal environment to accommodate pathogens, germs, and dirt. Most of the time these agents are harmful to the body but few of the times this dirt can be useful. For instance, ear wax. Ear wax is a waxy material found inside the ears, it accumulates there from time to time while it does not cause any prompt harm to the ears. However, it is never suggested by the doctors to keep that ear wax inside the ears without cleaning. The wax may not be harmful, it definitely is unhygienic. It is prescribed by the doctors to keep ears clean since a lot of accumulation of earwax can cause diseases too.

There are conventional methods of removing earwax, usually, people go for cotton buds or Q-tips. Q-tips are one of the old classic methods of removing earwax but not recommended by doctors however new methods and tools have been introduced to replace Q-tips. One of which is discussed below with all its pros and cons. Get Tvidler For A Very Special Price Here

What Is Tvidler?

Among many medical physics tools, there is the innovation of a spiral ear cleaning machine, Tvidler. Tvidler is a tool that cleans the ear in a distinctive way. It is made possible by its spiral peak that goes inside the ear and upon rotation, it Catches all the earwax by sticking it into the tufts and crests of the peak.

This technology not only helps clean the ear but is also safe on so many levels. Unlike Cotton swabs, it does not come with any chances of hurting the eardrums in any way since it does not penetrate to the inner ear which is the sensitive area. Cotton swabs require patience and caution to be used however Tvidler doesn’t, it just goes inside the ear and sticks all the wax on it. Does Tvidler Really Work? This May Change Your Mind

Why do people need to use it?

Tvidler comes with many benefits that anyone looking for any ear cleaning tool would acknowledge. A few of its advantages are listed below:


The cotton swabs or Qtips have proven to be unsafe. The reason is having no barrier on the stick that would stop or warn the user from inserting the swab inside the ear canal. Many people have reported damaged eardrums and canals because of inserting the ear cotton swab too deeply nevertheless, Tvidler does not come with any such danger. Tvidler has a spiral peak that is designed according to the size and length of the ear canal so when the person inserts it inside the ear it does not damage the eardrum even if it is penetrated to its maximum.

Easy to use:

Cotton buds can be a little too tacky while usage. It can penetrate the ear to an unusual extent causing damage, this is also the reason why one needs to be very cautious before using it. Tvidler is invented to eliminate the need for Cotton buds without having the fear of extra penetration while using it. The smart structure of Tvidler with spiral grooves lets the ear be safe from the tool going inside and keeps it safe from any damage.

Easy to handle body:

Qtips are slim sticks that often damage the ear because of loose grip. These sticks often fall off and people tend to use them even after falling down hence letting an unhygienic product inside their body system. Tvidler is beyond all these issues, it has an innovatively designed body that lets the user have hold of it tightly without letting any loose on the grip.

Premium Quality Material:

Qtips are made of plastic and cotton on the tips. Plastic is already injurious to health and the environment hence sticking it inside your body sounds like a bad idea but people do it. Tvidler is made of silicon entirely with a comparatively softer body and peak allowing the person to be safe from any sort of harm that can be caused by hard material.


Cotton buds can be very unhygienic since it is made of plastic with very little cotton on the top, this leaves a lot of earwax inside the ear since the small cotton tip does not clean the ears properly. Tvidler ear cleaning tool cleans the ear so deeply as its spiral groove cleans the wax more than once, with every rotation more and more wax is caught in the spiral tip of the tool.


Tvidler is only available on its official website with all the necessary details. The makers are offering 4 different discounted deals that lessen the price and include more than one tool.

The original cost of Tvidler is $59.90 but the seller is giving flat 50% off for a limited time, meaning the cost of one Tvidler lessens to $29.95 only. Similarly, if a person order two Tvidlers the price would be $89.92 which after the 50% off becomes $44.96 only.

The cost of three Tvidlers would be $131.88 but that’s when the 50% is not applied, after applying the price for 3 tools become $65.94. Lastly, the merchandiser offers a pack of 4 Tvidlers only at $79.96 when the original cost is $159.92. The discount is applicable only if Tvidlers are ordered from the original website.


Tvidler is a new and creative design for ear cleaning. It comes with many benefits along with the fact that it has a distinctive body letting a hold of the tool. The device is hygienic yet effective on so many levels, it lets the user stay away from many diseases and pathogens (fungus) that can cause damage to the ear. It also is recommended by many doctors and is proven to be better than cotton buds. The price together with the discount is a cherry on the top since it becomes accessible for as many people as possible. Visit Official Tvidler Website Here

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