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Turning Ideas into Quality Content with Motion Array

As a content creator, you need a tool that helps streamline your workflow and simplify the whole process of content creation. Since there are several tools and all claim to be the best, hence choosing the right tool becomes hectic. The best production tool should save you time, offer quick access to stock footage, and have royalty-free music for every content creator, from YouTube influencers, filmmakers, videographers, etc. We did our research on several tools and we found Motion Array to be a reliable resource with a variety of assets for all content creators since it goes beyond music and stock footage.

Furthermore, this platform has an affordable subscription and it’s an all-in-one solution with royalty-free music, templates, stock footage, graphics, etc. to incorporate into your projects. Let’s have a closer look at Motion Array features and how they’ll serve you.

Who Can Use Motion Array?

Motion Array is utilized by people within the creative industry. This includes YouTubers, Content Creators, videographers, Freelancers, filmmakers, etc. Motion Array is a platform for those busy making videos in the creative industry. All they need to do is subscribe to the best quality assets for the best price.

Motion Array Library Assets

Motion Array has over 1 million library assets and they are divided across distinct categories. Let’s have a look at every section of the asset.

1.    Presets

Presets offer users the power to make professional-looking videos quickly and easily. These are predefined edits that are saved for use in editing software including Premiere Pro or After Effects since you don’t have to begin from scratch every time you need to add a new look or effect. Furthermore, presets entail several things including transitions to color grades, overlays, or backgrounds. After finding a preset you like just drag and drop the preset to your video clip.

The Presets feature is very valuable to users since it helps not only reduce the time for your editing process but also improves your videos to be the best. This platform offers presets for three applications and these include Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve Macros, and Adobe After Effects.

2.    Images

The Motion Array stock image section has a huge catalog of images including high-quality photographs, vector illustrations, mockups, etc. Moreover, its filters section is very intuitive hence you can scroll into its huge library and get exactly what you are looking for. After clicking a specific image, you’ll find out more details including file type, color model, dimensions, etc.

Among the graphics, you’ll also get visual effects like patterned text effects or glass effects where you are free to add your writing e.g. retro/graffiti style.

3.    Audio

This platform offer access to an extensive library of royalty-free sound effects and music in the audio category. Users will be able to filter tracks according to BPM, genre, and duration to get a perfect backing track for the film.

At thematic categories, you’ll get sound effects and you can filter them according to the type of sound you need, including nature, industrial sounds, the city, humans, futuristic, office, etc. Moreover, users can also filter royalty-free music by BPM, genre, and duration, and with Staff Picks, they can find out what’s popular.

4.    Video Templates

This platform has a collection of video editing presets. This contains a list of saved effects that video editors use to recreate a particular effect or look at their videos. These include the most utilized pro video editing tools like Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Premiere Rush, Adobe After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, MOGRT, and Final Cut Pro. Users get more than 2,500 preset files to select and some are in bundles. Furthermore, users will be able to review videos on the results page. Video quality ranges from 2K, 4K, and 5K+.

5.    Footage

There are several creators whose projects include stock footage. Stock footage is video content that’s already created for use by other people in their projects. However, this content needs to be licensed and this is already taken care of by this platform.

Stock footage helps in filling gaps instead of creating a project from scratch. Users can filter their search for stock footage according to resolution, theme, and popularity. After clicking on a thumbnail to have access to the video, you will get additional details on frames per second, file resolution, and compression. Furthermore, users are free to download a clip preview to see if it works well in their project.

6.    Motion Graphics

This platform offers several background loops, overlays, transitions, etc. Users are free to drag and drop motion graphics directly to their project. Users can also download motion graphics and incorporate them in several ways. With this asset, you’ll have a lot of fun overlays or transitions like stickers or speech bubbles. Users can also have an engaging moving background where they can lay text.

7.    Video Collaboration

This tool offers a platform for presenting and finishing video projects. Here, you’ll invite unlimited collaborators, and you can complete the projects faster. You can get client feedback like comments, mark tasks as done, use password protection, and control project versions, for smooth, safe, and quicker approvals.

8.    Plugins

With plugins, you’ll have an edge for video editing work in Adobe Premiere Pro. These plugins are incorporated into the software and give users a deep pool of creative resources which includes transitions and effects like lighting looks, distortions, flicker effects, spinning transitions, etc.

Plugins are available for preview on the site and with just a click, they add great value to your video editing process.

9.    Portfolio Builder

This platform offers a user-friendly website builder that helps in creating a professional portfolio online. With a customizable web page, users will create their website with just a few simple steps. They’ll have a fully branded site with their colors and logos, a gallery of their best work, and linking their social media accounts and email.

With a portfolio builder, it will take one minute or less to set up a portfolio. After that, you can connect it with your domain and publish it.


Motion Array is a platform where content creators, freelancers, videographers and filmmakers, social media marketers, YouTubers, etc. get access to a huge library of premium quality video assets to help them create better videos.

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