Turn Online Teaching into a Thriving Career, Whatever Your Subject

Turn Online Teaching into a Thriving Career, Whatever Your Subject

In a world propelled by technology, the ways to turn our passions into a source of income have drastically multiplied over the years. One of these opportunities lies in teaching. A recent study carried out by Teach.io has analyzed U.S. Google search data and revealed a growing curiosity in online courses for a whole range of niches. This only proves that teaching can become a goldmine of success that anyone can turn it into a thriving career, regardless of their subject of interest.

What the Numbers Show

The rapidly evolving digital age ensures that education is no longer confined within the four walls of a classroom. Many online teaching platforms can combine the pros of physical teaching with the freedom an online platform offers.

Recent data from Statista has shown that the U.S. Online Education market is predicted to achieve a staggering US$75 billion in 2023. By 2027, this figure will almost double, reaching a huge US$122 billion.

Just behind that, Online University Education is estimated to reach US$70 billion in 2023 alone.

When comparing these numbers globally, the U.S. is at the forefront of online teaching, with an expected online education revenue of US$74.8 billion in 2023.

A testament to the growing popularity of online teaching is the sheer number of learners. By 2027, the community of online learners is anticipated to grow to a whopping 77.9 million. Furthermore, 15.8% of the U.S. population will be actively engaged in online education by 2023.

The Online Course Earnings Calculator proves you can build an online community in no time at all. With a course priced at just $99, you can turn your skills into a growing business. If you achieve just 4,990 monthly visitors and a 1% conversion rate, the monthly revenue expected is a striking $4,900, totaling an impressive $59,000 annually. This proves how easy it is to change your entire life and career trajectory by teaching from the comforts of your own home.

Course Creation Has No Limits

The vast world of the internet caters to an array of interests, from music to arts and crafts. Here are some of the most popular examples and the search numbers they’re achieving every single month.

DIY and Crafts: Whether it’s a simple DIY project or a complex craft idea, DIY and crafts reach a whopping 1.5M searches every month for the following terms: ‘DIY,’ ‘craft ideas,’ and ‘DIY projects.’ This only proves that there’s a sea of potential students waiting to be taught in this subject.

Art: Capturing a massive 720K monthly searches for terms such as ‘art course,’ ‘painting class,’ and ‘drawing class,’ art remains a timeless passion. From oil and watercolor to the sudden surge in digital drawing, this is an ever-expanding subject with an ever-growing range of topics to teach.

Cooking: Be it a gourmet dish or a homely recipe, 696K monthly searches indicate a massive audience. And with terms such as ‘cooking class,’ ‘culinary school,’ and ‘baking class,’ the ways to capitalize on this niche are easier than ever.

Music: With 606K monthly searches, including the terms ‘music course,’ ‘music class,’ and ‘music creation,’ music never goes out of style.

Makeup and Beauty: Beauty tutorials and tips are in high demand, with 548K monthly searches for terms such as ‘makeup class,’ ‘beauty school,’ and ‘nail tech school.’ With thousands of sub-niches in beauty, from nail to skincare, this is a topic that beauty lovers can build a thriving career from.

James Watts, the founder of Teach.io, believes, “Each of us holds a reservoir of knowledge, unique experiences, and unparalleled expertise. Your passion, whether it’s DIY crafts, yoga, or even raw food cooking, can find a global audience with Teach.io. More than just a monetary gain, online education is about fostering connections, sharing invaluable insights, and creating a lasting difference. At Teach.io, we’re here to ensure every individual finds their voice. Our platform bridges the gap, facilitating genuine interactions and building a community of learners. Join us in this transformative journey.”

Whatever your niche or subject, online platforms like Teach can help you tap into that global audience.

In Conclusion

The transformative power of teaching transcends traditional norms. Your passion, hobby, or expertise has a market, and the numbers we’ve highlighted in this article only prove it. By diving into this potential goldmine, not only can you turn teaching into a stable career, but you can also help others develop talents they simply wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do without platforms like Teach.io.

About Teach:

Teach.io stands as a beacon for educators worldwide. The platform is tailored for ease, ensuring that course creation is streamlined, interactive, and dynamic. It provides educators power over their content and pricing, enabling them to create unique learning experiences that play to their strengths. With their commitment to redefining online education, Teach.io strengthens the bond between teachers and students, ensuring a more community-led education, as opposed to other online platforms.

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