Glance Gaming is the Future of Mobile Gaming, and why should you not be turning off Glance in Samsung?

Mobile Gaming has become a popular form of entertainment for people worldwide. With the advancement in technology, mobile games have become more engaging, and people now spend more time playing games on their smartphones. In recent years, smart lock screens have emerged as a new way of accessing mobile games without unlocking the phone. Among these, Glance Gaming has been the most innovative and promising technology. This article will discuss why Glance Gaming is the future of mobile gaming and why you should not be turning Glance off in Samsung.

Glance gaming: The New Way?

Glance smart lock screen is a revolutionary technology that has completely changed the way we approach mobile gaming. It is a smart lock screen that adds a new dimension to your Samsung device, allowing you to play games without unlocking your phone. With Glance Gaming, you can easily access a vast library of over 500 games, which are pre-installed on your device. This means that you can start playing your favorite games instantly without the need to download or install anything.

The Glance Gaming technology is unique in that it provides you with a seamless gaming experience right from your lock screen. It is not a feature or an app but a smart lock screen that allows you to switch between games effortlessly. You can enjoy playing games without any interruptions or distractions, as the interface is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive.

Its ability to save time and energy sets Glance Gaming apart from other mobile gaming technologies. You no longer need to spend time downloading and installing games, as they are readily available on your lock screen. This means that you can start playing games instantly, whether you are on a bus, waiting in a queue, or simply taking a break from work.

Advantages of Glance Gaming

There are many advantages to using Glance Gaming on your Samsung device. Let’s take a closer look at some of them:

Convenient and Time-saving

Glance Gaming is an innovative concept that offers unparalleled convenience to gamers. By allowing games to be played from the lock screen of a mobile device, players can now enjoy their favorite games without the hassle of unlocking their phones or opening a separate app. This lock screen has the added benefit of being a time-saver, allowing gamers to jump right into a game whenever they have a few moments to spare. Whether waiting for a friend, commuting on public transport, or taking a break at work, Glance Gaming enables gamers to make the most of their free time and indulge in their passion for gaming.

A Wide variety of games

Glance Gaming offers an extensive collection of games that cater to a wide range of interests and preferences. From puzzle games that test your mental acuity to action games that get your adrenaline pumping and sports games that let you immerse yourself in your favorite sports, there is something for everyone. Moreover, Glance Gaming’s library is continually expanding, with new games added regularly, ensuring that players always have a fresh selection to choose from. This keeps gamers engaged and entertained, making Glance Gaming an excellent choice for both casual and avid gamers alike. Apart from playing games, you can even watch your favorite sports. For instance, you can even watch IPL 2023 on your lock screen after the collaboration between Glance and JIO Cinema.

Types of Games at Glance Gaming

Having said that, Glance offers over 500 games in different categories. Some of them include the following:

Puzzle Games

Puzzle games are one of the most popular types of mobile games that are offered at Glance. These games are designed to challenge the player’s cognitive skills, problem-solving abilities, and strategic thinking. Some of the popular puzzle games that are available at Glance include Bubble Shooter, Block Puzzle, and Jigsaw Puzzle.

Adventure Games

Adventure games are another popular type of mobile game that is offered at Glance. These games are designed to provide players with an immersive and engaging experience. Many popular adventure games are available at Glance that you can enjoy daily.

Arcade Games

Arcade games are another type of mobile game that is available at Glance. These games are designed to be fast-paced, action-packed, and entertaining. Some of the popular arcade games that are offered at Glance include Bird and Snake.

Action Games

Action games are aimed at providing players with an adrenaline rush. These games are typically fast-paced, and they require quick reflexes and strategic thinking. Among many popular action games that are offered at Glance include Stickman Fighting and Zombie Hunter.

Sports Games

Sports games are also available at Glance. These games provide players with a realistic and engaging sports experience. Some of the popular sports games that are offered at Glance include Soccer, NBA Live Mobile, etc.

Glance LIVE Gaming

Glance Live Gaming is a feature you won’t want to miss if you like to play games. With Live Gaming, you can watch experienced players play games live. At the same time, you can chat with them and ask them questions. It’s a great way to pick up new skills and get advice from other gamers. Imagine getting tips from pro gamers and being able to talk to them and see how their strategies work in real time. Whether you’re an experienced gamer looking to improve your skills or a newbie looking to learn from the best, Glance Live Gaming is a unique experience that brings the gaming community closer together. Don’t miss up the chance to improve your gaming skills with this fun feature!

Why You Should Not Turn Off Glance in Samsung

If you own a Samsung device, you should not turn off Glance. Here are some reasons why:

It Is a Smart Lock Screen

Glance is not a wallpaper or an app but a smart lock screen. It provides quick access to your favorite games without unlocking your phone or opening a separate app.

Saves Battery Life

Contrary to popular belief, using Glance Gaming does not drain your battery. In fact, it saves battery life as you do not need to unlock your phone or open a separate app to play games.

Promotes Productivity

Glance Gaming promotes productivity as you can play games during your spare time without the need to open an app. This means you can stay focused on your work while taking a break when needed.

A Better Gaming Experience

Playing games on Glance Gaming provides a better gaming experience than playing on a separate application. You can play games without any distractions, and the interface is designed to provide a seamless gaming experience.

How to Turn or How to Turn Off Glance in Samsung

At the same time, turning Glance on or off is made easy with clear instructions from Glance.

It is very easy to do this, by simply following these steps:

  • Settings
  • Lock screen
  • Wallpaper Services
  • Select Glance Samsung
  • Turn off the phone screen and turn it on again.


In conclusion, Glance Gaming is the future of mobile gaming, and you should not be turning it off at Samsung. With your Guide to Glance in Samsung, you will know it is a smart lock screen that makes our lives better. It provides quick access to a library of 500 games without downloading or installing anything. It is convenient, time-saving, and promotes productivity. Glance Gaming offers a vast library of games, which is accessible to everyone, regardless of skill level. The integration with social media makes gaming more fun and engaging, as you can share your achievements with your friends and compete with them in real time.

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