TurboLists Review 2023 Full OTO + Hot Bonuses [ Build Huge Email List]

Turbolists Review

TurboLists is a revolutionary way to build huge email lists with 10x more pace, engagement, and profit as compared to any other method out there. It is a new software app that has grabbed the attention of millions from all over the world in the field of digital marketing.

The purpose of this article is to review the major features of these amazing software applications. Moreover, we’ll also discuss the best advantages that you can get by using these programs in the business field.

Turbolists Bonuses

How to use the TurboLists software app?

These special apps are about to be released on 19 Jan 2023 at 10 PST and their launch will end on 24 Jan. the software owners have ensured that the persons signing within this time limit will be awarded the best prices that will increase their business rate in the marketing field.

Moreover, It is quite simple to use these 100% cloud-based software programs through their amazing features. Here are some of the basic steps that you must follow to control the functionality of these apps.

1. Sign Up

The first step is to log in or sign up for these versatile software programs by opening them on your devices. You can also sign up directly from the website of this software program on your multiple devices.

2. Enter your information

Now you have to enter the basic and major information about the product that you are using for advertisement. It can be your website or other social media accounts upon which you are looking to gain some visitors.

3. Generate the Link

At this step, after all the information has been submitted perfectly. By clicking the link generation option, you will be able to generate a link. As a result, a link will be produced that you can easily share with your audience, and they can be a part of your TurboLists software program.

4. Capture the visitors

At this point, you’ll see the major functionality of these amazing apps. As they store the email information of all the users through their accounts automatically. Such emails include information about their social media like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Yahoo, and even Amazon.

5. Send the Emails

After receiving the email information of the users, you can easily use the autoresponder extension. Through this extension, you can write the best explanation for the product advertisement and share it with the users through the emails that you have collected from them.

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Feature Benefits of the TurboLists App:

Here are some of the biggest advantages that you will get by using these special apps, so, make sure to read all about them till the end for accurate knowledge aspects.

1. True Emails

One of the biggest benefits that you can get by using these software programs is the true email for the users. This app has special properties which sense the most frequently used email of the user and capture all the major information of the user through this email.

2. Email Collection

When all the emails are collected automatically through the link that you have generated from these apps, you will get 30 days to send your response manually to the users. To overcome this issue, an autoresponder is present but, it may send emails twice or thrice a day.

3. Email Limitation

Just like all other email-finding apps, these special software programs are also limited to 250,000 emails per month. However, it is no limit for you to design these emails and send them at one time. You can also add a 3rd party autoresponder to send these emails each day.

4. Store the Emails

Through these amazing apps, you can easily store the data containing 25000 emails in these lists for free. However, for further profit and an increase in the numbers on this list, you have to buy the packages provided on the main website by their owners which are also quite affordable.

5. Track your Information

Another cool feature that you can find in these newly launched apps is their history-tracking ability. Such applications allow the users to find out the basic information about the emails that they have sent to the users quite easily through the main history box in their menu option.

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What do the Price Packages of the TurboLists apps have to offer?

These apps provide several packages to the users depending on their price limit from premium to the pro category. Take a look at the prices of these packages along with the features that they provide to the users.

1. Frontal End ($17)

  • Auto lead or link generations
  • Includes the most active social media peoples
  • Captures true and active emails
  • Uses Plug-N-Play app
  • No autoresponder extensions are required
  • Reviews the campaign performance
  • Provides full & easy control
  • Saves money on expensive extensions
  • No download & installation
  • Affiliate based technology
  • Includes commercial license
  • Friendly app & system
  • Provides high profit

2. OTO1 ($37)

  • Increases traffic to 4x
  • Pro app version
  • Provides extra email campaigns
  • 100% approval & commissions
  • Unlimited leads, domain, and workflow
  • Free SMPT profiles
  • Includes daily reports
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Commercial rights included
  • 1 Downsell without commercial rights ($27)

3. OTO2 ($47)

  • Another traffic edition
  • Turns videos in the social micro videos
  • Generates 100s of videos from multiple platforms
  • Generate ads in one click
  • Commercial license added
  • Downsell without a commercial license ($37)

4. OTO3 ($47)

  • Shortz addition
  • Creates 100s ads & YouTube shorts
  • Gains thousands of visitors for multiple platforms
  • Gives training in creating shorts
  • A commercial license is included
  • Downsell without a commercial license ($37)

5. OTO4 ($37)

  • DFY campaign edition
  • Includes the use of the Plug-N-Play app
  • Builds trust with the visitors
  • Increase clicks and impressions
  • Enhances the sale rate
  • Provides the best content for the users
  • Downsell without a commercial license ($27)

6. OTO5 ($147)

  • Reseller edition
  • Uses sale materials
  • Using reseller dashboards, create accounts for the users
  • Includes users support
  • Low 1-time fee
  • Downsell without commercial license (($127)

What prizes can you get?

The owners of this app have divided these amazing prize factors into two major phases. Take a look at these phases along with the prizes that you can get from them.

1. Phase 1

This phase starts from the 19th Jan to the 21st Jan till 10 PST.


  • 1st price: $1000
  • 2nd price: $350
  • 3rd price: $150

2. Phase 2

This phase starts from 22nd Jan to 24 Jan till 12 PST.

  • 1st price: $1000
  • 2nd price: $350
  • 3rd price: $150

What Things you must avoid using these software apps:

Here are some of the tips that you can follow to avoid any issues and errors in using these special apps.

  • Do not send any spam emails
  • Don’t use negative language
  • Don’t offer cash rebates to the users who come through the affiliate link
  • Don’t misrepresent products and offers

Final Verdict:

There is no installation requirement for TurboLists, a special email fining software program. The users can easily sign up for these apps and generate links to their products to share them with their audience.

With the increase in visitors through such links, the authority of the user account will increase. Moreover, it is also possible to purchase multiple packages to increase visitors through numerous ways for the benefit of the product on its sales and demand.

In the end, make sure to follow the tips that we have explained to avoid any spam on this app. So, that you can be a major part of the price distribution ceremony of this amazing and highly functional software application.

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