Tupan Project Puts the Wealth of the Amazonia Forest in Your Hands

The Amazonia Forest in northern Brazil is one of the most important regions of our world. Despite that, everyone who has ever seen any documentary about the environment knows how much we are mistreating it. It provides shelter for 20% of our world’s freshwater, it is a region with the greatest biodiversity in the world, and it is home to thousands upon thousands of unique species of animals and plants that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

Still, we are cutting it down, massive parts end up disappearing in forest fires, and that doesn’t even include the fires caused by humans. In the end, deforestation of this ancient jungle is upsetting the planet’s ecosystem, and the worst part is that those who are doing the most harm do not care about how much they are destroying the world by clearing out the forest.

Fortunately, there are those who do care, and who are doing everything in their power to stop the destruction of Amazonia, and protect this part of the world.
Take ForestAu Green LLC, as an example. Take ForestAu Green LLC, as an example. The fund engaged in the acquisition and management digital assets issued by environmental and agricultural farms located in the Amazonia region of Brazil, has acquiring perpetual Environmental Rights to the production output of 4.2 billion cubic meters of Environment by NFTs.

The rights were transferred to the ForestAu Green via purchase of Environmental NFT – Non-Fungible Tokens – that are fully created (or inserted) in the Waves blockchain. Payed like a royalties to the Brazilian landowner equivalent to the 4 billion and 200 million square meters of selected Amazonia Forest.

The ForestAu Green promotes the develops the Amazonia region by promoting the economic and social integration of the environment and active governance through acquisition of Environmental NFTs.

The Investment Fund, created by Brazilians which engages in the to bioeconomy social and environmental strategies to reach circular regeneration. The fund was launched in the US, where the capital market regarding tokens and legislation is more mature, and thus it allowed the company to get a smoother start.

Simply put, the fund was able to tokenize to manage environmental services on these 4.2 billion square meter farms in the region which is equal to 4 Hong Kongs, or 7 Singapores, or one-tenth of Switzerland. This is not nearly enough, of course, but the fund is only getting started, and in time, it hopes to buy and secure even more land, flora, and fauna. ForestAu Green LLC issued a total of 3,690,000,000 (three billion six hundred ninety million) Tupan Tokens, non reissuibles.

How does Tupan Fit in?

Tupan is a DeFi Token issued by an Investment Fund that invests in Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) of native preserved Amazonia forest farms. The Investment Fund, ForestAu Green, invests and monitors the preservation, regeneration actions, and the impact in the Amazonia while ensuring reliable reports to the Tupan stakeholders. The project, leveraged on Blockchain technology, based on the Economic, Social and Environmental pillars related to the Regeneration Market of the Brazilian Amazonia. Each TUPAN is equivalent to One Cubic Meter of Preserved Forest and each Tupan Token issued by ForestAu Green is a DeFi backed by NFTs.

The purchaser subscribes to Tokens using USD, ETH, Bitcoin, Waves or USDT. Tupans shall be deemed in U.S. dollars, and payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Waves shall be valued in U.S. dollars at an exchange ratio equivalent to the volume-weighted average hourly price. The funds were invested in NFTs, and the managers will to encourage the Regenerative Bioeconomy design and development.

Tupan was created as a solution to the greatest fears of our society: The fear that we are damaging our own home, the quality of life and home of future generations. We must find ways to protect our planet. The Tupan team has joined the power of 21st century technologies with efficient tools, safe methodologies and less bureaucracy with the experience and enthusiasm of the team to maintain the existence of the Amazonia forests. We launched Tupan to help you participate in the preservation of Amazonian Forests and to protect the planet.

Currently, the company owns NFTs correspondent to 4.2 billion cubic meters of Amazonian Native Forest farms. However, it did not tokenized all of it. It created 3.69 billion tokens, and each token covers a single cubic meter. In other words, each token will represent one cubic meter of preserved and regenerated area. In time, the fund will likely acquire a lot more land, but the created amount of tokens is, so far, to be the maximum amount of tokens that are planned to be issued.
However, those who opt to hold TUPAN will have facilitated access to transformative projects in the Amazonia region, economic and financial valuation, and the means to watch as the fund protects the region in real-time. Basically, by purchasing the tokens, users will be able to help protect the region, and also visualize their assigned forest cubic meters in an augmented reality app based on blockchain technology.

The company behind TUPAN deals with many other subjects, as well, including the importance of reforestation, impact investments, the relationship between sustainability and investments, new business models that could be linked and beneficial to environmental sustainability and regeneration, the security of blockchain, impact investments, the revolution of intelligent systems, and more.

In addition to sustainability, the Tupan Token proposes the regeneration of forests through active action and investments in bioeconomics, social and environmental impact

The firm’s main objective is to generate revenue and cash flow via the exchange of the so-called ‘forest assets’ and environmental services, in order to foment towards preservation, reforestation, and regeneration activities. The Tupan team will be directly responsible for the management of such activities, alongside institutions that the company may partner with in the future. As a result, it aims to provide returns to investors with the highest possible security.

However, their work on saving Amazonia and presenting its importance (as well as damage done to it) to the world is the company’s primary objective. The creation of circular and regenerative systems, in an integrated way with the environment and society based on tokenized hectares, is the goal.

With the crypto and blockchain sectors thriving, they are becoming a useful tool for further impacting this region of the world in a positive way. In fact, it is one of the only ways to help save it, as greedy companies continue to burn it and cut it down, not caring about the damage they are doing, and only seeing the money behind it.
The Tupan project and its coin will help take the fight to a more financial battleground, starting on Mayo 10th, when the token sees its official launch.

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