Tulpi The Barber is revolutionizing the barbershop industry with his music

Carlos G Turpeau Ramos is professionally known as Tulpi The Barber. He was born on October 2, 1992, and is a Puerto Rican Barber, singer, poet, and entrepreneur. Tulpi The Barber is the most well-known name in the barbering business and he performs in sold-out venues worldwide to an audience of business leaders as a true rockstar. With more than 2 million Instagram followers, he has an undeniably worldwide audience. 

Tulpi, the owner of Barber Gallery and a 15-year veteran of the sector who shares A-drive ROD’s and love for the business, is a part of his most recent initiative. His haircuts, music, and motivating talks have helped him establish himself as one of South Carolina’s finest barbers. He has acquired local and international notoriety, allowing him to build a solid business and become a part of well-known companies such as “L3V3L3.”

Tulip The Barber’s Early Years 

Carlos G Turpeau Ramos aka Tulpi The Barber was born in Puerto Rico on October 2, 1992. As a child, he developed an interest in music and hairstyle and began cutting hair as a pastime in 9th grade. He migrated to the United States when he was 12 years old, specifically to Greenville, South Carolina.

Carlos G Turpeau Ramos’s Career

After a few years, he decided to educate himself and work on a dream that has now become a reality. He opened his own company in Downtown Greenville, SC a few years ago.

His company, “Barber Gallery,” employs 12 barbers who have the possibility to further their education through Tulpi since he is also a State of South Carolina Licensed Instructor, qualified in “Scalp Micro-Pigmentation” and “Hair Replacement”. Barber Gallery has earned the city’s “Revelation Business Of The Year” award for two years in a row.

They also top the “Booksy” rankings for the most 5-star reviews in the world. Such accomplishments have given him the opportunity to be a “Booksy” ambassador, and he has been traveling over the United States to interact and work with the company. “Tulpi The Barber” is the first barber to deliver authentic motivational speeches with a self-improvement theme.

His work has captured the attention of elite industry barbers such as “Bori The Barber,” “Pacinos,” and “Arod23,” among others. The Speeches laid the groundwork for his career to take a new direction. Barber Expo has nominated him for a Barber Grammy, creating opportunities for collaboration with strong, visionary, and globally recognized companies such as “L3VEL3.”

His ideas and ambitions piqued the interest of the industry’s most famous and prominent barber, “AROD23,” resulting in a collaboration dubbed “El Portal,” which was launched in November 2022.

They are both barbers and composers. Music and barbershop have always gone hand in hand, making this cooperation a game changer in the barber profession. They both have the same vision, producing “El Portal” to change the game by influencing and motivating others.

His barbershop art has no boundaries since being a barber equals being an artist, and art has no boundaries. This piece of art was enjoyed live in Santiago de Chile. Tulpi The Barber is excited about his upcoming amazing projects for the year 2023. In his own word, “These upcoming projects of 2023 are both inventive and one-of-a-kind.”

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Tulip’s aim as a barber is to be able to transmit a motivational message to the barbershop industry through a musical proposal and to affect lives through his testimony through lectures.

To discover the multi-facet talents of Carlos G Turpeau Ramos, aka Tulpi The Barber, an artist, a barber, and a poet, visit his Linktree page.

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