Tsukimi: Where Art Meets Culture

NFTs witnessed a sharp uptick in the general public interest in the year 2021 to 2022. And this, as you can imagine, led to an uprise in the number of projects surfacing within this industry. As an enthusiast or a collector, it can be hard to differentiate projects that have a genuine potential from those that don’t. With hundreds upon hundreds of projects launching everyday – the market is as hot as it gets. 

Standing from a sea of upcoming projects is Tsukimi. A project that has quickly gained attention within the NFT space and is seeing growing popularity across the web. 

Owned by Ukiyo Inc, Tsukimi aims to build a community around the chill-wave and lo-fi culture. 

So, what is this lo-fi culture we’re talking about? And why should you care? And how does Tsukimi connect to all this, anyway? Well, that’s what we’re going to explore!

Lo-fi in simplest terms is bittersweet, groovy, wavy and laid-back downtempo music that is perfect for easy listening. Popularized by Nujabes who is known as the ‘father-of-lo-fi’, this imperfectly perfect, dusty and melancholic music niche has seen a meteoric rise in it’s fan base over the last decade. 

It’s no shock that large Lo-Fi music channels on YouTube has tens of millions of listeners. From ‘study mix’ to ‘long drive playlist’ there is something about Lo-Fi that just fits every mood and vibe. 

With that – let’s bring back in Tsukimi. An NFT and metaverse project – that is aiming to unite this culture with digital art and is, at the same time, looking to build a community around it. 

Tsukimi art – as you can imagine, is powerfully aesthetic, beautifully nostalgic and speaks volumes of emotions. The art consists of portraits, capturing expressions of calmness and serenity. Each piece of art comes with micro animations that are looped endless perfectly relating to the lo-fi culture. 

And, as you can imagine from the name, and perhaps as a tribute to the father of lo-fi, Nujabes, from Japan – the art, has hints of Japanese culture in terms of the character design, animations and attributes. 

With goals to further expand the culture of Lo-Fi with building a strong community of Lo-Fi lovers, artists and producers – the Tsukimi brand is seeing an impressive growth trajectory across a variety of social media platforms.

Each avatar within the Tsukimi collection is an expression of thoughts and feelings. It’s a way for you to represent yourself through art in both the physical and the digital world. And, with it’s roots deep within a culture that is loved and adored around the world – it’s no surprise that the project is seeing a great response from the public. 

Beyond the art – the project aims to partner up with streetwear brands, lo-fi producers and record labels and eventually venture into the metaverse. ‘The Loft’ is what Tsukimi has called their vision of the Metaverse. While not many details about ‘The Loft’ have been made public, we are definitely excited to see what is to come. 

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