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TSTrader- Show Your Prowess, and They’ll Power Your Trades.

TSTrader- Show Your Prowess, and They'll Power Your Trades.

Ever dream about becoming a funded trader? Ever wish you had hundreds of thousands of dollars to make trades, but you don’t want to put your entire nest egg at risk? If you said yes to either one of these questions, you should take a hard look at TSTrader.


What is TSTrader? TSTrader is a platform owned by TopStepTrader, which you can read more about here in our review. TopStepTrader will fund your trades with up to $150,000 in buying power as long as you demonstrate excellent trading skills and solid risk management.

TSTrader is one of the platforms TopStepTrader uses to evaluate your skills and, eventually, fund your real-time trades.

The best thing about TSTrader is that you can sign up for a simulated account before paying anything. This gives you the opportunity to test your own skills before showing them off to TopStep Trader evaluators. If you are ready to check out a simulated account or sign up for evaluation, you can click here to get 20% off.

Is TSTrader Legit?

If this sounds too good to be true, you may wonder if TopStepTrader is legit. TopStepTrader is not only legit, but it represents a significant opportunity for day traders looking to take their game to the next level.

This is my unbiased opinion, which conforms to loads of independent analysis. You can read about that in the FAQ section of this review.

What are the Deciding Factors in TSTrader’s Evaluation?

So what is TSTrader looking for in the evaluation period?

You will be ranked under two criteria: profitability and risk management skills.. If you demonstrate those consistently, TSTrader will approve you for funded trading.

Evaluation can take as little as five trading days, with every day that you make at least one trade through the TSTrader platform counting as one trading day.

Your trading days don’t have to be consecutive—don’t feel compelled to make trades on a day when you aren’t confident in your market-beating abilities.

If you make a trade on Monday but skip Tuesday and Wednesday, then make at least one trade on Thursday and Friday, you will have three trading days for the week. Pick up two more the following week, and you will have five days of trades.

How Much Does TSTrader Cost?

How much funding can you receive from TSTrader? You get to select your funding level when you sign up for an account. Pay a subscription fee of $165 per month, and—upon approval—they will fund $50,000 of your trades. Pay $375 monthly, and TSTrader will raise your funding to $150,000.

For a chart that shows subscription fees and trade funding, you can check this review, which contains a chart that shows the different tiers.

How Much of Your Profits Do You Keep?

The best news is that with TSTrader, you get to keep the first $5,000 of profits. After that, you split profits with the platform—80% to you and 20% to TSTrader.

What Kind of Trading Can You Do with TSTrader?

The only type of trading you can do with TSTrader is CME futures. You can use other TopStepTrader platforms for different asset classes, including European FOREX.

Tips to Passing the TSTrader’s Evaluation

Since the main two evaluation criteria are trade profitability and risk management, you should focus on developing these tools foremost. But that isn’t all TSTrader is looking for in its funded traders.

In addition to making money with your trades and not making any wild decisions, consistency is vital. If you have four pretty good days and one fantastic day, it can work against you, according to TSTrader’s algorithm.

If your best day of profits represents greater than 40% of your total profits, you will fail evaluation. If you do this during funded trading, you’ll roll back to your evaluation period until you can once again prove your consistency.

Going back and forth between being fully funded and being evaluated is common among TSTrader platform users, especially at first. Don’t get frustrated. Keep plugging away, and your funding will be restored.

TSTrader: Concluding Thoughts

If you like to day trade and have an aptitude for futures, the TSTrader is a perfect way to get a funded account without having to go work for a hedge fund.

Realize that getting approved for funding can be onerous, but TSTrader wants to ensure that you’ll make good decisions with their money, which is understandable.

Keeping the first $5,000 of your trades and then an 80-20 split in your favor is an unbelievably generous profit-sharing agreement. You will not find a better deal for funded trading anywhere.

Click here to get into TSTrader’s platform and get 20% off. Best of luck and may the market forces be with you.

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