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Try Hard Wordle: the best game in 2023

In an era of dynamically developing gaming and many AAA projects, it seems difficult to imagine that a simple text-based game in the browser could become the hit of the year. However, this is the reality of 2023. Try Hard Wordle has become a real virus on the Internet, winning the hearts of millions of users around the world. But what makes this game so special?

1. Simplicity and complexity at the same time

At first glance, Try Hard Wordle looks like a simple word guessing game. However, its main difference and attractiveness lies in its complexity. This version of the game offers words that force players to think outside the box, making the gameplay more challenging.

2. Evolution of a classic game

While Wordle was already known and popular, Try Hard Wordle added a new spark to the classic game, making it even more interesting and fun.

3. Educational component

Not only entertainment, but also education! Try Hard Wordle improves vocabulary and develops players’ analytical skills. Each attempt becomes not just fun, but also learning.

4. Community

The huge number of fans of the game has created a huge online community where people exchange strategies, share their results and simply discuss the game.

5. Availability

The game is available in the browser and does not require specific technical requirements or installation of additional software, making it accessible to anyone with Internet access.

What are the equivalents of the Wordle game?

Wordle, the popular word-guessing game, has inspired a multitude of similar games and variations across different platforms and formats. Here are several equivalents and variations that offer similar or expanded gameplay experiences:

  • Absurdle: An adversarial take on the Wordle concept where the game actively tries to avoid giving you the answer.
  • Quordle: Players guess multiple words at once, significantly increasing the challenge.
  • Octordle: Taking Quordle further, players have to solve eight Wordle puzzles at the same time.
  • Dordle: A double Wordle where you solve two puzzles in parallel.
  • Hello Wordl: This variant allows players to choose the number of letters in the word, ranging from four to eleven.
  • Lewdle: A humorous twist on Wordle that focuses on lewd and adult words.
  • Sweardle: Similar to Lewdle, but with swear words.
  • Nerdle: A math variant where players guess a mathematical equation instead of a word.
  • Worldle: A geographical spin on Wordle, where players guess a country or territory from its silhouette.
  • Heardle: This one is for music lovers; players guess the song from the intro snippet.
  • Framed: A version for movie buffs, where you guess the film from a series of still frames.
  • Crosswordle: Combining elements of crosswords and Wordle, where you need to guess words that interlock like a crossword puzzle.
  • Waffle: In this game, you rearrange letters in a grid to form words in every row and column.

These variants either stick to the core mechanics of Wordle and offer a new twist or combine the mechanics with entirely different puzzles to create something unique. They all capitalize on the simplicity and addictive quality of Wordle’s gameplay, providing new challenges for those who have become adept at the original game or who are looking for a different kind of puzzle.

Life hacks: how can you guess words in the Wordley game?

Guessing words in Wordle, or any similar word puzzle game, can be both a fun challenge and a test of your linguistic intuition. Here are some life hacks and strategies you can use to improve your guessing in Wordle:

Start Strong: Choose starting words that include common vowels and consonants. Words like “AUDIO,” “MEDIA,” or “RAISE” are good because they contain multiple vowels and common consonants.

Vowel Play: Prioritize finding out the vowels in the word first, as they are the glue of English words. Once you know the vowels, you can often piece together the rest of the word more easily.

Consonant Strategy: Use consonants that are frequently found in English words and often appear together, like ‘ST’, ‘CH’, ‘SH’, ‘TR’, ‘CL’, ‘PR’, etc.

Avoid Repetition: Don’t use letters in your second guess that have already been shown to be incorrect from your first guess, unless you think a letter might appear twice in the puzzle.

Use Letter Position: Pay attention to where certain letters often appear in English words. For instance, ‘S’ is more often at the beginning or end of a word, and ‘Q’ is almost always followed by ‘U’.

Letter Frequency: Consider the frequency of letters in English words. Letters like ‘E’, ‘T’, ‘A’, ‘O’, ‘I’, ‘N’, ‘S’, ‘H’, and ‘R’ are the most common.

Think Big (Words): Even if you don’t get the word right, use the maximum number of different letters in your early guesses to rule out as many letters as possible.

Pattern Recognition: Familiarize yourself with common word patterns and letter combinations in the English language, such as “qu,” “ing,” “ed,” “er,” and “pre.”

Learn from Past Games: Analyze the words from your previous games, especially those that you found challenging, to recognize patterns and improve your strategies.

Word Lists: Some players study word lists, like those used in spelling bees or Scrabble, to become more familiar with less common words that might appear in the game.

Avoid Obscure Words: Unless you’re very late in the game and all common words are eliminated, don’t start guessing with rare or obscure words that are unlikely to be the solution.

Use Tools: There are Wordle solvers and word-finder tools online where you input the known letters and their positions, and the tool suggests possible words.

Remember, the beauty of Wordle is that it’s not just about guessing the word but also about how you strategize and adapt with each new piece of information. It’s a daily puzzle that tests both your vocabulary and your deductive reasoning.


In the world of video games, new trends appear every day, but few of them become true cult phenomena. Try Hard Wordle is more than just a game; it is a socio-cultural phenomenon of 2023 that combines fun, learning and community building. It’s projects like these that make gaming such an amazing world where everyone can find something for themselves.

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