TrustINwine’s Wine Based NFTs are leveraging the market for the Food and Beverage Industry

The blockchain industry has evolved to the such immense potential that it has given industries the flexibility to integrate their products with it with ease. Now there are a lot of speculations that revolve around the concept, but the truth is, it is just a matter of time until almost every industry starts integrating their business models with the blockchain. Speaking of integration with the blockchain, the most recent buzz is the integration with the food and beverage industry, especially the one with TrustINwine. 

What is trustINwine?

TrustINwine is a hybrid marketplace that comprises a primary and secondary marketplace that specializes in selling wines as NFTs. All bottles are stored securely in specialized warehouses and users have the opportunity to ship their collections whenever needed. 

Now the bigger question is, is it worth your time and investment? Let’s dive right in!

NFT with trustINwine

Before we get started on the perks of being a part of the trustINwine project, understanding the base of the project is vital. The NFTs in the project are a mix and match of different elements of art and wine perfectly folded with each other to represent the complete project known as the Satori Time drop. 

The Satori Time drop is a collection of two primary NFTs that make up the first part of the trustINwine project. The first NFT is backed by Clos Mogador 2021, a winery well-known for top-level wines, including a 99-point rating by Parker for the 2019 vintage. 

The owners of the Clos Mogador 2021 NFT have the right to redeem it from the warehouse, once it is bottled in 2023. The second NFT that completes the Satori Time Drop is the solarigraphy collection (solarigraphy is the art of creating long-exposure images). The artworks are the brainchild of artist Xavier Vaqué. The complete collection contains 11 unique solarigraphy in sets of 5 adding up to a total of 55 images within the collection.

TrustINwine’s business model of owning an NFT and also getting to experience the physical product behind it is rare to be seen in the NFT market. If you are someone who wants to explore the depths of it, trustINwine might just be the project for you. 

The project has two main phases: one is to launch the primary marketplace which will serve as a marketplace for wine-makers and primary owners and the second phase is to launch a secondary marketplace which will mitigate the challenges that come with trading bottle-backed NFTs. 


Apart from the trade aspect, there is a certain list of other advantages that the project comes with. The first one is the integration of IoT which will help you understand the real-time data of your bottle-backed NFT in the real world. Parameters like temperature, humidity, and the current location of the storage can all be accessed by the owner. 

Augmented Reality integration allows the users to visualize and experience their NFTs and makes it easy for the users to get a real feel of how their purchase look like. 

Leaving aside the key aspects of the project, trustINwine is indeed a revolution in the making for the food and beverage industry especially because it would be the pioneer of defining the dynamics of the market once the blockchain-integrated business model starts thriving on its own and according to us, it is something that you shouldn’t miss out on!

You can check the TIW NFT on the NFT experience exhibition at Soho House Friends studio till the end of October, and on their site.

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