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Trust Me Vodka and Artist Evgeniya Golik Debuting “Liberty” Mural in San Diego

Trust Me Vodka

Trust Me Vodka, the ultra-premium American-made vodka brand known for featuring exquisite art on each of their bottles is hosting an event this weekend in San Diego, featuring a prolific artist out of Russia, Evgeniya Golik. As one of the 15 artists who have partnered with Trust Me to create artwork to be featured as part of one of the brand’s 20,000-bottle collections, Golik’s work, called Liberty is being memorialized in the form of a mural in downtown San Diego.

As much as Trust Me is devoted to celebrating art, the event comes as no surprise, as an opportunity to continue showcasing art through unique and diverse vehicles. As Golik’s 20,000-bottle series with Trust Me is nearly sold out, the event will be the last chance to take home a piece of her art. For those in the area, the event will take place downtown at Mixon Liquor where the mural will be debuted and celebrated in an event sponsored by Trust Me on Sunday, April 25th from 12pm to 3pm. The Liberty mural will take on a new life in its mural form, remaining as a permanent fixture on the building where art enthusiasts and passersby will be able to appreciate Golik’s profound work of art.

“Art is not meant to please anyone or to decorate a house,” Golik says. “I think art is to make people feel something. All art needs to have a certain message. That is what I try to do with my art. I try to have a strong message in each of my paintings because that’s my way of communicating with the world. It’s an international language.”

Born in Russia, the talented artist now resides in the States where she remains constantly inspired by life, from emotions to images to sights and more. But the Liberty mural in particular was inspired by the diversity Golik was met with after immigrating from Russia to San Diego. Liberty, featuring a goddess, embraces all walks of life under her wings, creating a sense of unity, equality and freedom of expression, free from judgement and prejudice.

To learn more about Evgeniya Golik and Trust Me Vodka, visit their website for more information and Golik’s bio.

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